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  1. The S238 Feeback thread

    dude, take em off and stow em when under way.
  2. The S238 Feeback thread

    what speed are you guys at?
  3. The S238 Feeback thread

    thanks for this! this site is light on pics and videos, that wake looks big and long! very encouraging. what motor do you have?
  4. The S238 Feeback thread

    thanks for the info, touchscreen is low on my list of needed items. Do you run the surfsystem or listed?
  5. Now that the S238 has been out for a couple of years I would really like to hear feedback from the owners of the 238 on this site. I'm in the market for a bigger boat and my main focus is Surfing. I want a nice long pocket. I don't mind adding weight in the form of larger bags and or lead. Id really like to avoid having bags in seats etc like I do now with my Sanger. I'm looking at a 2016 S238 possibly an MB B52. Talk to me.
  6. S238 tow vehicles

    Lake Wa is not the best lake for water-sports generally. especially weekends. I usually put in at Newport yacht basin if im going to do that lake.
  7. S238 tow vehicles

    oh yeah? would love to get your take on the S238. You trading it in at NWBS?
  8. S238 tow vehicles

    I hate getting in and out of magnuson on a weekend! serious Charlie Foxtrot.
  9. S238 tow vehicles

    is that a 238?
  10. S238 tow vehicles

    that looks like the boat ramp at Magnuson park
  11. you might be the only person I have ever heard say that. The B52 Surf wake by all accounts, is superior especially with the 2018, it surfs amazing right from the factory with literally zero messing around. The fit and finish isn't even close. MB is head and shoulders in terms of interior looks and quality. One visit to the MB boat owners site and you can find tons of pics and videos of amazing MB wakes. On here I haven't seen more than 1 or two that make me think the S238 can hold candle to either the Tomcat or the B52. The things I have observed that I like better on the Supreme are, the interior is deeper, noticeably which is odd because it looks to have significantly less free board than either the tomcat or the B52. The S238 also seems to have more room than the B52. The S238 looks better sitting in the water. I'm not a fan of either dashboard, but I hate the MB less. The S238 looks like someone stuffed some gauges in a nylon backpack and shoved it up against the windshield. My local dealer assures me its a surf monster and I like it enough to demo it before I make a move on my next boat but the marginal interior, the lack of free board and the absence of verifiable big surf waves definitely has me leaning MB... for now.
  12. Any suggestions?

    how much weight are you running? where is it located? your wave looks not only small but appears to have a pretty short pocket
  13. ah you must be in Bend then eh?
  14. XJ, you mentioned some sort of demo program for sufboards? never heard of this. Please elaborate.
  15. I've been shopping for a new MB Tomcat 24 and looking at the S238 as well. I found a new 24 tomcat for $82K, After looking at both boats I would take the MB so far, i will need to surf both before I choose. MB definitely has a much nicer fit and finish. I really don't care for Supreme's squared off interior. The supreme also seems to have significantly less freeboard. The both are good looking boats in the water. Different boats, Once is a mass produced, one is from a manufacturer that makes 300-400 boats a year. I would say that the dealer could make a big difference but both dealers I'm working with have terrible reputations for service.

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