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  1. Thanks Dave, I appreciate the thoughtful response. I’m up in Carnelian Bay, so pretty close to you in dollar point. I actually think I saw you on the water right near sunny side on Saturday. Btw, I just saw the sneak peak of the new RI245. I’m gonna check that out for sure. Maybe they closed the gap with Malibu and nautique on the tech gap
  2. Great looking Ri Dave! I’m also on Tahoe, I have my 2018 Malibu 23LSV with Sunnyside Marina. I’m might be upgrading to a bigger boat for next summer, and the Ri is definitely on the list of considerations. A strong dealer is an absolute must for me, and I see you purchased your boat from Mellow Marine. So then have mechanics that can service your boat here in Tahoe, or do you have to pull the boat and take it to Folsom? I’d also love to demo an Ri, do you know if they will do that up here in a Tahoe? thanks!

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