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  1. Hey guys, So I was messing with my 2008 centurion falcon v ballast system to figure out the wires to connect my emty pump. So I was using a lil rig, long story short I ended up arking two positives together and popped the fuse. No big deal went and got a new fuse, but now the ignition isn’t coming on. They gauges aren’t moving and the perfect pass isn’t coming on. So I’ve checked all the obvious fuses and it’s still not working. The battery’s are fully charged. When I turn the ignition on it’s not even making the beep. Please let me know what y’all think or have some type of direction! Thanks!!
  2. Weird overheating issues

    Their was so much water couldn't really tell. Just for the passenger side front of the engine
  3. Trying to keep this short. Lady C She's a warrior Engine: 350. 5.7 merCruiser Just put new impeller also thermostat two rides before this problem started. After 1.5 hours of running on plane it starts to overheat. Then back it down the temperature goes normal. Try to get on plane again then it instantly starts to overheat. So I open the hatch and see a lot of water on the engine. So I leave the engine hatch open while I try to get on plane and water is just shooting out of the front of the engine, which is the back of the boat. So here the weird part. After 5 times limping it back to the launch it all of a sudden stops spraying water and runs perfectly. Time is very limited so wanting to know what you guys think or have this Same problem.

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