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  1. 2016 Supreme S226 Blistering

    Ive read malibu, nautique, supra manuals. All state the same warning statement, vacuum infusion or not. Bottom paint it or risk blistering, might happen later might happen sooner. Some say the type of water also affects how soon you might see blistering.
  2. What year is your boat that you do all this yourself? If boat is under warranty can I still do this and not risk losing warranty coverage if something were to fail with the engine and they would pin it on something that could be caused by winterization?
  3. Yeah my two main points for getting the 21’ are pricing and storage of the boat at my house during riding season. I’m hoping that since the ZS has a killer wave, it won’t stop someone from buying it because it’s a 21’
  4. Some background, I have spent couple days combing through forums and news articles on the ZS212. Mainly surf so say 70/30 surf/wakeboard. Seems more folks have purchased the 23’ version (ZS232) I’m just looking for a 21’ since price is lower and storage is easier. Seems like buying new is my only options as it’s a fairly new boat. I would like to stay below 80k but I don’t think that will be possible with the zs212. I stopped by my local dealer here in Portland and I really liked the boat, the control center could use some help but other than that it’s a great boat. The freeboard is crazy! Loved it. I’ve surfed/wakeboarded behind a 2018 s238 for a couple years now do I’m familiar with the family of boats. Would anyone say there will be a downside to say resale value of a 21’ vs a 23’? If that’s the case I might have to pickup a used s238 for now or possibly late model Moombas as both are in my affordable range, and later couple years pick up a zs212 with some hours on it. Couple dealers in next door states have the zs212 up for about 84k which isn’t a bad price for new. Perhaps if I hold out until close to winter I could score it under 80k? I have read H20 kings reviews on the ZS and there’s really good feed back. Any feedback is appreciated!

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