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  1. https://www.onlyinboards.com/2017-centurion-RI257-Lake-Limo.-for-sale-valencia-California-89276.aspx ben 213 703 47zero zero
  2. 2017 Ri 237 vs LSV25

    after owning 2 Malibu/Axis I can tell you, if surfing is the main focus, go centurion RI.
  3. 50lbs bags of lead

    we only use steal shot never lead. lead is bad for your health
  4. hi guys, I'm making a a plate to raise my driver seat about 4 inches on my RI257, to give a better view while driving (wakesurfing mode) and wanted to know if there is an interest from other boat owners. I could make a production run. I had one in my Axis and my wife love it. thx bellow is an example but not final product.
  5. WakeBallast 50lbs bags 15% off

    Special deal for you guys get 15% off on all wakeballast coupon code: centurion-crew
  6. July 2017 picture and video thread

    Second on our new ri257

    yes sir it is

  9. 1st day review of the Centurion RI257 This is truly an amazing boat overall. The interior is very well thought after. I was very impressed with all details. The limo lights and the tower lightning is the best I have seen! The dash technology was intimidating at first. However, once you start using it, it was very easy to understand. The cockpit visibility was great. It is such a great looking boat with comfortable seating. We loved the compartments for the coolers, for easy access to all. In regards to navigation, the boat was very easy to navigate. It was very smooth and stable. Our lake tends to be windy at times, but the RI257 remained smooth and easy to navigate through the choppy waters. The PCM 450 has plenty of power even with heavy load. The transmission is well geared. The boat has fast acceleration. I loved the quick launch feature. This makes the boat on plane very fast, and the surf wave came instantly. In regards to the wave, I was in heaven. The surf wave was the longest I’ve ever been on. The wave was firm which allowed the riders to do tricks much easier. Pros: -quality surf wave -adjustment to the wave -power and transmission -stereo and light setup -very stable boat in choppy water -Ram fill -Cats system -limo light -great storage Cons: -the accelerator handle is to close too the right side panel. This did not allow me to have my handle fully around it. I believe that it would need to be pushed out a little more, or create an indentation on the panel. -bimini top need to be longer for such a big boat -stereo volume should be on the dash or easier access than under the accelerator Overall amazing boat a must try.

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  11. Getting a ri257 next week

    I beg cried kick every one I knew lol I will start with 1000lbs of extra weight as it seams to be the sweet spot. thx for all the info
  12. Sorry for being a newbie, I just traded my axis t23 and ordered an RI257 getting it next week. would love some pointers on setting up my centurion ballast wise for the optimum longest wave. I'm planning on adding 20 50lbs bags or 1000lbs extra ballast. I should mention I'm the owner of wakeballast so adding bags is easy for me. Let me know how should I set the weights around the boat

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