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  1. Supreme S238 2017. While driving today at around 28 mph boat begins to "beep" intermittently and then decelerate randomly. Water was pretty choppy... Same sound you get when you first turn the key in the ignition. First time it's ever happened. Could it be warning for low oil pressure? Could the choppy water have something to do with it? Second summer of use and had routine service done over this past winter. Thanks for any ideas you may have.
  2. Another new owner ? - trim tab?

    We've had a lot of fun on our lake trip this week playing with the wave so I'll try using the trim today. Thanks guys.
  3. Great thanks for info.
  4. Another new owner ? - trim tab?

    Ok cool thanks for the info. We have been surfing but honestly I have not touched the trim yet! I'll try it tomorrow.
  5. New owner 2017 S238. What is the power trim for and when do I use it?
  6. New owner of a 2017 S238. Is the drivers seat height adjustable? I see a black screw underneath but can't tell if it's designed to raise the seat up and down or if it's simply there to remove the seat if necessary?
  7. Thanks NW Vettes. I'll give that a whirl this weekend.
  8. Just bought my boat in May. Have taken out twice and loved it. We have pulled a tube, kneeboard and surfed thus far. I know I am not supposed to attach the tube to my tower. Is the black bar on the rear of the boat the appropriate place to attach a tow rope for the tube? Further detail - are you meant to loop it around the "T" on the center of the bar? Thanks so much for any advice on this.

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