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  1. Well I found the leak today. It was definitely coming from the ramfill intake. 2 of the four corners that attach the valterra valve to the ramfill intake were cracked! One completley broke off, which caused the seal in that area to leak badly. I made a bracket to secure it tightly for the time being but I called fineline to see if there was anything they could do to fix it. It amazes me that they used a plastic flange coming off of the ram intake instead of a metal one. If anyone has ramfill I would check this area. My boat could’ve easily sank if that had gotten any worse. If I could figure out how to shrink pictures I’d post pics.
  2. I have the updated valterra valves on my boat. Honestly glad they came with it when we bought it after reading all the problems most people have with the drainmasters. I always open them in trailer mode when we get off the lake and cycle them open and close once we are about to put it in he water also. I’m going to dig more into it today. I just wanted to know if some have developed any cracks or damage in the fiberglass around where the ram intake is. I’m pretty sure that is the area mine is leaking from and it was a very significant leak. I didn’t notice it for a while but after a few hours on the lake we tried to wakeboard and the boat wouldn’t even plane out. Stopped and checked and the bilge had a TON of water in it. Took the bilge pump about 10 minutes to pump it all out. And we had to continue to monitor it the rest of the day. Anyways. I’ll post what I find today when I dig into it.
  3. Any remedy on this topic? What was the cure for the leaky ramfill joints. Im trying to pinpoint a leak with my ramfills also. 14’ SV244 btw.
  4. I just got this same code on our last outing. Which fuse is it exactly by the battery cutoff?
  5. Awesome. I ended up placing my order this morning and Christina said that they've changed the design a little since they initially made it for our boats, so hopefully its not an issue. Either way I'm stoked about it. I'll post pics when I get it.
  6. Thanks for the advice Infinitysurf. I've been doing quite a bit of research on these and it seems like a no brainer. A discount would be nice but either way I'm going to order it. My wife hates the fumes and I hate that I cant even hear my 6 Rev 10's from the tower when I'm wakeboarding/surfing and killing everyone's ears in the boat trying. The only downside I see is the spray issue when surfing so I'll definitely ask about that spray plate. Hopefully I can get one ordered today.
  7. Not meaning to bring up an old thread but does anyone know if there are any group buys going on for the FAE system. I’ve decided I definitely want one soon for my 14’ SV244. TIA.

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