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  1. Surfing tips

    Okay. I'm gonna get some lead and keep trying. Thanks guys
  2. Surfing tips

    ok thanks for all the tips. I'll be going out on July 1&2. I'll take a video and post it on here. Also. Where do you guys buy your lead at
  3. Surfing tips

    Also yes I'm getting up and can carve as long as I'm holding the rope. The rope never gets any slack in it regardless if I lean forward on board.
  4. Surfing tips

    Okay thanks for the input. I'll keep trying I fig it was probably me. What's your setup on your ballast tanks. I'm riding a 4'10 skin style also. Next time I go out I'll have my wife shoot a video and I'll post it on here. Thanks
  5. Surfing tips

    4300 # ballast
  6. Surfing tips

    I have 6 ballast total. 6'1.5" 215# chapparel board.
  7. Trying to surf on my 2017 s238. My wake looks good but I can't ever release the rope so don't know if my wake isn't good enough or if I'm doing something else wrong. Speed was 11.2, back left tanks 100%, and center 100%. Tried the surf gate things at various % 40 all the way to 80. If anybody has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated

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