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  1. Ahh I can see all my valves on the Enzo without that, I am going to just remove all that crap and run it directly to the tanks. Probably will fill a whole lot faster.
  2. SO I changed the impellor, the pump runs, but no water going to the tanks still, Yes I made sure the line was clear, If so where can I purchase new ones? or what do you do to upgrade? Im guessing the sprinkler valves that control the flow to the hard tanks are not opening. is there an upgrade for these? THanks
  3. I'll pull it apart... was too hot in my driveway today to remove it. Hopefully it's just the impeller.
  4. So last time on the lake, port side ballast pump would not fill the factory tanks, didn't even run, stab side no problems, out pumps work fine can hear both run when switch is on out pump. Fast forward to today trying to trouble. Shoot, port side waterpuppy runs but comes on and slows down immediately, rpm is low, stab side comes on and the rpm is significantly higher and doesn't drop after being one 15-20 seconds like the port side. checked all fuses connections and relays everything is good and tight no blown fuses. Do the rear solenoids go bad as well? What say you? Bushing failure? Motor going dead? Need new solenoids? It worked just fine the weekend before. Thanks!
  5. clear lake/water conditions

    I have the boat bling stuff, how long is it required to leave on before wiping off? I say this as my sv 230 had black gelcoat and I bought the stuff and it didn't really take off any hard spots, I was using a microfiber cloth to wipe it off, i let sit for a good 2-3 mins before wiping off. should i let it sit longer? or use a more abrasive towel? thanks.
  6. Sideswipe with suckgate

    I don't have one but it literally sticks 4-6 inches in front of my side swipe outlet. On the second step of the hull. Had no issues with it staying on.
  7. Sideswipe with suckgate

    I run the nauticurl on my 08 sv230, has the sideswipe works great, running a total of 2750 lbs ballast and i have a clean wave port or stab side. Plenty of push, and the wave is thigh high both sides. As said before more weight = bigger wave.
  8. Enzo sacs

    I don't think that switchblade thing does a whole lot for push, I suggest you get a wake shaper. my total ballast is 2750 lbs on my 08 sv230 and with 3 175-200 lb people on board, I do not have a bennet trim tab or a switch blade and I get plenty of push. go faster than 10.7 try to go 11.5 so the boat lengthens out the wave a bit more. I am running the factory ballast 2- 225# hard ballast each side, 2-400# sacs each locker, 1-650# sac on the floor middle of the boat, and I had the 400# sac full in the bow when I got enough push it was almost too much. I am now experimenting trying to get a taller wave with similar push. the shaper really helps build the wave.
  9. Im not running listed, evenly weighted with a nauticurl, still new to surfing but as im getting more used to it im already noticing what the wave is doing with different ballast.
  10. My teak board is 2-3" under water weighted down, apparently if you run listed, you want the back of the rub rail to be just under the water.
  11. So just a quick update, went out weekend before last, did not fill up the bow ballast bag 400#, still was able to ride port and stab with the nauticurl but did not have nearly as much push. total of 2350# ballast, I think I may fill up the last 400# and put it on top of the 650# bag by the back seat. thatll give me 2750 lbs total. hopefully sink it a bit more to get taller wave so I can go a touch faster and stretch out the pocket. sound like a good plan.?
  12. I stick mine on the portion of the hull directly in front of the sideswipe. But yes like the previous post, sometimes I have to pump the handle a time or two to get a solid lock. The suction cups are of pretty good quality on the nauticurl IMO.
  13. 2006 Enzo 230 surf wake

    Fill the Fat sacs. You will get a bigger wave for sure.
  14. @Rhale yeah we had a goofy rider with us and it cleaned up the stab side wave pretty good, he was able to throw the rope too and ride it out, we had equal weight throughout the boat though. The nauticurl helped for sure. Probably didn't need it on the port wave but since I have it might as well right!?!?
  15. well just an update to those who helped out, I added a 650lb fatsac to the arsenal and put it on the floor at the back seat, used both 400 lb locker bags and all 900lbs factory ballast and a nautcurl, 4th time out surfing and was able to let go of the rope and surf for as long as I could stand it! I think im going to fill the front bag half full next time to try and make the wave a bit taller. other than that happy with the setup now. thanks again everyone for the guidance.

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