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  1. Maintenance Required Warning

    Hey it's called a brake in period. Don't be embarrassed.. some tend to use more oil than others during that period My dealer says. He acted like it was no big deal.
  2. Maintenance Required Warning

    Check your oil level.. mine did this samething and it was low oil level at 28 hours.
  3. From S211 to S238

    mike, i run a set of firestone air bags on my F150 pulling my 238 and it makes for a nice pull.
  4. From S211 to S238

    I'm also pulling with a F150 i have the ecoboost. definitely a big purchase but I cant wait to use it.
  5. From S211 to S238

    yeah it was a no brainier when i laid it all out, the dealer here is making some good deals, just after browsing this forum i got a hell of deal on this boat. I have seen used ones on only inboards for 10k more than i paid for this new boat.
  6. So 2 weeks ago my wife and I went and picked out a new 2016 S211 at our dealer, we made a deal with the dealer and where super excited.. After thinking it over i was afraid it was going to be a little small but sense this is our 1st tow boat i went ahead and went with it. I noticed our dealer had a 238 in the same color combo but it had a few more options on it, example - transom radio remote, gator step flooring and LED lights front and back. So for an extra 5300$ i decided to go ahead and upgrade to the 238. I will take delivery on Friday and couldn't be more excited. i have ordered the 1100# fly highs for the rear per NW boats. This is a big boat to me but my thought was I've never heard anyone say " damn i wish this boat was smaller".. I will try and figure out how to post pics, its red with black metal flake with grey gatorstep. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you guys and your post it made my decision extremely easy to buy a supreme boat. We don't have many of them in Oklahoma yet but i have feeling that will change soon.
  7. I pull my s238 with a ford f-150 with a ecoboost and it pulls like a dream..
  8. I just bought my new 2016 s211 today and I couldn't be more excited! It was a leftover 2016 and I think I got a killer deal on it. I need some out the box setup tips from you guys on surf wave.. boards etc.. This is my first surf/wakeboard boat and any tips you guys have would be greatly appreciated.

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