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  1. 2015 S226 Value?

    Isn't any on there, or anywhere else for that matter
  2. 2015 S226 Value?

    I'm toying with trading my 2015 in for something newer. My 226 is in great shape, has around 260 hours. The dealer I bought it from offered me $35,000 which I nearly laughed at. I figured it'd be worth quite a bit more? Color is black, white, and silver. Comes with a trailer as well.
  3. 2015 Supreme S226 seat issues

    Just got off the phone with CS at Supreme. In 6 weeks I need to bring my boat to my dealer and they're going to replace the whole interior! Pretty impressed! She said they were shocked to see just how bad it looked and it was obviously a reaction with the glue used.
  4. 2015 Supreme S226 seat issues

    I believe the warranty is still intact. I'm hoping for some information today from the manufacture. I have the divot issue as well which i highlighted in my post above this. Nice thing is, the Supreme dealer is about 5 minutes from my house. I wanted to go direct to Supreme first though just to have that nailed down. I'll keep this thread updated on what goes on. Being it's every cushion if they do ask me to send them back it's going to require quite a bit of work on the dealers part!
  5. 2015 Supreme S226 seat issues

    What's even worse, is that it looks twice as bad in the sun! We do a lot of docking up at restaurants and also tying up with large groups of boats. It has been noticed by nearly everyone I know. I also have the divot issue going on which looks bad too! I attached a picture below. I did speak with the factory last night and sent all the pictures. Hopefully they will offer a solution as it's not getting better and as of now I'm considering trading the boat in this winter/spring for a different manufacture due to this. I really like everything else, but this just aesthetically looks terrible. Divot issue below, photo comes in sideways for some reason. https://ibb.co/sHwCW1f
  6. I haven't logged on here in a while, but figured I would to see if this is a normal issue? I tried one time to get help from CS at Supreme but it was a terrible experience. Anything else I should do? It looks like glue from underneath the seat and foam. It looks absolutely AWFUL in the sunlight, to the point I hate parking at restaurants and will not buy another Supreme. I understand it isn't brand new, but I've owned boats a lot older than this without this going on. https://ibb.co/qry4XSZ https://ibb.co/jgzMvBk https://ibb.co/bj4z8jf https://ibb.co/Jj7W4hd https://ibb.co/J70cc2d https://ibb.co/y4rwWZt https://ibb.co/nD6Wc2K
  7. Tips for cleaning out the floor gaps?

    Power washer works great.
  8. No. the dealer wired the port PNP switch wrong.
  9. Ok, so after calling nearly every dealer, Centurion/Supreme direct, and speaking with the lead tech at the dealer I bought it from it was tracked down to bad wiring at the switch. I took off the switch panel and found two wire were reversed. Hooked them up correctly and now it works. I honestly think I'm going to have to buy and use a wake shaper.. I had the 1100lb port PNP nearly full, center tank full, port quick fill full. Speed was 11.2 and trim tab was 15% and the wave was still pretty small. I do NOT want to buy lead bags either.
  10. Yep. It's just weird because before I dropped it off at the dealer it worked. Now it doesn't. And before someone says to bring it back to the dealer... my trailer is 30 minutes away one direction in storage, then I have to go to the launch which takes 20 minutes, then wait a week plus because they have to bring it an hour away to the service location. They're also of NO help. i called a different dealer and they told me to check every single fitting to ensure there isn't an air leak and then to prime the system what's the best way to do this? Fill the bag with water from the hose then hit empty and see if it will suck water?
  11. All good ideas and suggestions. As weird as this sounds I sucked on the tube that goes into the sac to prime it and it wouldn't draw water/prime but I could feel the pressure in the line from me trying to draw water up to the pump It's just so weird, the pump makes noise, the impeller is fine, but it won't pump. Even in the drain position it wouldn't suck the bag tight Im buying a new pump today (hopefully local) and I pray that's the issue. It has to be.
  12. Well, I guess I can grab a new pump over lunch and start there. So dumb... thankfully we did tried tonight before I brought a group out on Saturday.
  13. Ok, so hitting empty or fill does the same thing...nothing... The pump makes noise, pretty much the same noise the other pump makes but it's louder and again I think that's because it's not having water pass through it to quiet it. I can try and check the wires, but being it doesn't fill in the up or down position that wouldn't mean it's reversed, correct? I can try and fill the bag with water tomorrow and. As I mentioned I took the bottom cover off on both starboard and port pump, starboard has no issue filling or emptying but the port does. I switch everything and starboard still works but the port still doesn't. The impellers are fine, so I don't understand what could be going on. Can the pump go bad and still make noise?
  14. The valve handle by the bilge is straight up and down, I know it's open because I blew in the line and I could feel the air go out the bottom of the boat. We tried hitting empty and no dice On the new quick fill switches they're different. They're a up only switch. You hit it up it opens, you hit it up again and it closes. I'm wondering if they some how tied into that and it's messing with the PNP pump? Either way I've almost had it with this dealer.

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