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  1. Found it ... now that I know what it's called it's easier to search for. It's called the V-drive Warning Indicator and its either low oil quantity or low oil pressure in the V-Drive. Looks like I'm a little low on oil, at least when it's sitting on the trailer.
  2. We have a soft-sided cooler that fits drinks/sandwiches and we just drop it into the space. Works great! I like the idea of adding insulation, I'll look into that.
  3. I've got an '07 Avalanche with the Evolution Tower. I think the previous owner had the tower speakers removed and a new aftermarket set installed. The aftermarket set is blown so it's time to discuss replacement options. (and placement options - the aftermarket ones are too close to the center of the boat and we constantly hit our heads walking by). What I'm finding is that most off the shelf aftermarket options are for a round tower bar, not an oval like the Evolution tower. I have access to the factory holes (pictured), but can't find a speaker mount that will actually use those holes. If you have an evolution tower, can you post a picture of your speaker setup? Did you use the original factory holes or did you come up with your own solution. I'd like to see a picture of either! TIA!
  4. I've got an '07 Avalanche C4 and on the dashboard I have a light that says WARNING, Do not run V drive if light is on above 1200 RPM. Does anyone know what this light is an indication of? Is it cooling related, impeller, shaft balance, something else? Mine started coming on intermittently on our last trip to the lake ... thought I'd start with a little trouble shooting on my own before I take it in.
  5. Blower Motor Vent Assembly

    I should've mentioned this is for a 2007 Centurion Avalanche.
  6. I need to replace my blower motor, it's making horrendous noises. When I look at the vent piping, I'm not 100% sure it's all hooked up correctly. Here's what I have: #2 drops down to the bottom of the engine block (this is where the air gets sucked from), air flows through the blower motor (white) and out pipe #1 and blows to the forward facing vent on the right side of the boat. #3 goes to the forward facing vent on the left side of the boat but is not connected to anything in the engine compartment (I assume this one allows fresh air to be drawn in when the blower motor is on?) 4 is an open double vent to the back of the boat but has 2 4" collars (see second picture) that could possibly be connected to vent pipe. Since I'm going to replace the blower I'd like to set it all up correctly. My question is ... is this all correct? Or did the previous owner connect/reconnect some pipes to make it all work?
  7. This is my third summer with my 2007 Centurion Avalanche C4 and I still can't for the life of me figure out what this thing is for?? Its mounted on the inside of one of the rear lockers. Anyone know what it's for? Fetzer valve maybe?

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