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  1. Centurion Ri257 or 2017 G23

    The dealer here is Freedom Power Sports in Lewisville, Texas. The Lake is Lake Lewisville. I do not have a ton of experience with Freedom Power Sports, but all of the other boat dealers here really know their stuff as far as surfing or boarding is concerned. I hope they do as well.
  2. Centurion Ri257 or 2017 G23

    Thanks Fivebar2, this is exactly what I was looking for! You are totally correct in your assessment that the G wave is very straight on; I know exactly what you are talking about with this response. I think I am going to go ahead and demo the 237 next week, and just know that the 257 will be even better. It has to be
  3. Hey guys, I currently have a 2016 Super Air Nautique G25, and I am contemplating trading it in for either a 2017 Ri257 or a 2017 G23. Unfortunately, I will not be able to demo an Ri257, as my centurion dealer won't have any in until June, but I would be able to demo an ri237 no problem. Everything I want seems to lend itself perfectly to an ri257. My wife and I, and everyone that rides on my boats just surfs, that's it. We get to go out about 3 times per week in season, and we surf about 8 hours each day we can go out. I am definitely looking for the boat with the best surf wave possible. I guess the only real concerns I have with the Ri257 as opposed to the G are: 1. Is the wave really that much better? Everything points to the fact that it is; I just wanted to get some confirmation on that. 2. Is the resale on Centurion really tough compared to Nautiques? 3. I keep reading on other forums that the Nautique fit and finish is so much better, and I really don't see this. I have had a nautique for a year, and I agree that the fit and finish is awesome, but, from seeing the 257, it looks like the fit and finish on this boat is phenomenal as well. Especially on the exterior, the gelcoats look phenomenal. 4. Are there any issues with the RI series boats? I haven't had any issue at all with the G, (knock on wood). I know I did read that the prop was a bit too small, but that issue seems to have been fixed on the 2017 models. I really want one of these surf machines. Please either tell me if it is a bad decision or a great decision, and have a great evening!
  4. 2014 Axis A22 2016 Super Air Nautique G25 Working on either a 2017 Ri257 or 2017 G23

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