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  1. Fi23 Mods

    That seems a little extreme, no? I’ve been in contact with Erik at wakeblaster. He says that there are options on how to install his kit that do or don’t retain the key. I’ll update when I get it.
  2. FI21 ballast set up.

    I’ve been out on my 2019 Fi21 twice now. Once surfing and once wakeboarding. Water here is still 50F so we didn’t stay out too long! Surfing we just did everything full (pnp and ramfill), surf tab 70, stinger 40 and 11.8 mph. No lead yet. With 4 in the boat and 1 surfer, this wave was amazing! Not sure I need to carry the lead around all the time. Wakeboarding we went twice, once no weight, once with just ramfill full. This is the nicest, easy to balance side to side wakeboard wake that I have had (and I’ve had a 2017 G23 and a 2018 Xstar). I realy couldn’t believe how not finicky it was to balance side to side. Also very adjustable with the stinger plate from peaky to rampy. Super impressed. Our boat came with the 16x15 prop stock. We are not at elevation (about 1000’), and it performs great. Did not struggle surfing and cruising 25-28mph is a breeze, still below 4000rpm. I cannot be happier with this boat!
  3. New Fi25

    If your surf tab is only at 40%, that is too low as well. It would need to be in the 70-80% range. Less stinger would add to the steepness of the wave as well.
  4. Fi23 Mods

    Is there a way to keep the key and just have a push button to start/stop the motor? It’s really annoying that the screen turns off and has to reset when the motor is turned off. It doesn’t sound like this changes with this setup, correct?
  5. I believe the ri217 does have it as an option, but the fi21 does not. If you want it in an fi you need to go up to the 23 or 25.
  6. The Fi21 doesn’t have the rear sliding seat, if that is something you are after.
  7. FI21 ballast set up.

    I'll be picking up my Fi21 in a few weeks as well. I have all the plug and play bags, as well as 500 lbs of lead from my previous boats to use. I would love to hear how your setup is going, or hear what other people have already done. I'll report back once we start using the boat as well.
  8. Morning all, My apologies if this has been covered, I just can't seem to find it. With the Maximus tower on the Fi's, are you able to tow with the tower down? If so, do they make a cover to cover the boat with the tower down? My guess is no, based on the Centurion website. Thanks!
  9. Fi towing

    You are both correct. This is the piece you speak of to lock the maximus tower down while trailering. Now I just need to find out about a cover to go over it. Thanks everyone!
  10. FI25 finally on the water

    Hex pattern, right! Thanks for the heads up.
  11. FI25 finally on the water

    Wow, she's a beauty! How did you get coloured vinyl? My website boat builder does not allow for coloured vinyl in the Fi series. Just the usual greys, browns and black.

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