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  1. I have a 2016 Carbon Pro and when the fuel gauge shows empty, there remains 10 gallons in the tank. I wouldn't normally care for personal use, but this boat is used to pull tournaments. Different drivers that can't know this fact, so they pull the boat when they think it is out of gas. The tank only holds 25 gallons so it is a 40% error. Does anyone have a similar experience? What to do???
  2. 2016 Carbon Pro Rudder loading

    Thank you, that is useful advice. I am becoming more accustomed to driving and think a few more passes will clinch it. Based on your comments, you have moved from a Nautique to a CP? Do you have other comparison impressions? Thank you again.
  3. I have just received a new 2016 CP Promo and coming from an old MC which has it's rudder loaded, Im finding it difficult to hold a good boat path. I looking for comments from others. Has anyone found that loading the rudder is necessary, or should I simply learn to drive this beautiful machine? Thank you in advance for comments.

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