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  1. Looking to identify what this part is, have a crack in it and didn’t write down a part number off of it. At work now so I can’t look for part numbers or in the manual.
  2. Our output shaft seal has been leaking for quite some time now. I am looking at replacing the seal or it may even just be packing in there. I am wondering roughly how hard of a job it is to complete and would I need to pull the motor in order to do it.
  3. So, within the past couple years we have had the brackets that hold the swim platform to the back of the boat crack a couple of times. We have just had them welded and they continue to keep cracking in different spots. So now I'm looking for somewhere to find part numbers for these types of boats. I tried searching for diagrams and on website but can't for the life of me find anything. And if anyone knows if this is a common problem or not? This past time it cracked the actual loop that the pin goes through has cracked so I would rather completely replace the bracket. I can take pictures after work
  4. Yea figured a puller like that would be what a guy needs, sorta like pulling one off a alternator or water pump on a vehicle. Any idea on where to get parts?
  5. Alright, our 08' Falcon V, has now had its second water pump issue. The first time I figured it was impeller, the old one was beat up a little bit but definitely not missing any of its flaps. So got a new one, cleaned out the housing worked the shaft and had it spinning fairly freely again. It being the end of the season last year, I wasn't letting it ruin one of my last weekends out waiting on parts, so this worked. Last weekend I lent the boat to my brother and of course over heats, immediately knew it was the pump again. Pulled it impeller looks fine, pulled the impeller out and the shaft will not spin freely for very long, maybe a couple of seconds with a good spin with my hand. My question is, 1. Where to buy parts for these water pumps, Seals, Bearings, possibly shaft? 2. Pulley is pressed on, whats my best bet at pulling it, 3 point puller? Also noticed the shaft is threaded inside is it possible to pull it with a bolt 3. If someone had a diagram that would be awesome so I can order parts before tearing it all apart. Ill attempt to get my model number off it, but last time I tried its painted black and nearly impossible to read the stamp on it. But it does look identical to this EDIT So I figured it said on the main body, Merc 862(Something to my best guess a 9)140 I found the pump online and it claims the model number is 46-862914T1, which would make sense with what I got off of mine
  6. Thanks guys, never even though of that even if it fixes it for a few years I can always redo it!
  7. So, the gauge cluster part of the dash has fallen out, it was held in by bolts which were screwed into plastic clips. Well those clips are destroyed now, so im wondering if anyone else had this problem and has fixed it or if anyone has some suggestions? Currently out taking pictures will edit with them ASAP.
  8. Figured it was just an addon, thanks guys looks like I'll be looking at different options.
  9. So speedo quit on out falcon v air warrior, looks to be the paddle sensor as fuel and volt gauge still work which is in the same gauge. Now we planned on getting a cruise system for the boat, now I've been looking at the nauticlaugic NL4 which is GPS based cruise that is plug and play. My question is first off this is a complete cruise not just an add on? 250$ seems cheap for one but I'm not complaining. Next question plugging this in will it eliminate the paddle sensor and have the gauge working again

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