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  1. Sub Box Under Steering Wheel?

    I like that because I have a heater as well would have to reroute my heater port. Does it get in your way with it coming to the edge of the carpet?
  2. Sub Box Under Steering Wheel?

    I am trying to replace my factory sub and box on my Enzo. I was going to move the old one under the stearing wheel. But now I have the urge to buy a bigger sub and want a nice custom box under the wheel. Where can I find a custom box that would look good and have the air port facing the drivers feet? If it has lights on it even better!
  3. H20King, Thanks for posting that thread with those links. I have been having huge amount of trouble from my two factory sprinkler valves and two new sets that are 1 inch that will not close. Plus, as you said, they restrict the flow through a regular sprinkler valve. I wanted more flow and that is why I am at 1 in and have a 1 1/2 inch thru hull for the large 3800 gal/hr pump to run. I almost went opposite from having it already wired to going ball valves since no one can figure out the problem with the cheap sprinkler valves. I just ordered 2 3/4 closed and 2 1inch closed from them. THANKS!
  4. Alright, I will get you some pics tomorrow when we setup for a few guys that are goofy. I do not have the switchblade, I have the bennit trim trab. For goofy: Fill your enzo sac on starb side. i add 2 400lbs sacs on the seat behing me and on starb back. Usually, that is enough, but if needed, I add a 400lbs sack on the front seat. Adjust your trim tab all the way down for goofy. That is it. I will take pictures of it all for you tomorrow and then upload them. Still a great wake.
  5. I tow mine about 5 miles to the lake or river. I leave the top on when it is open b/c it is so tight. If you close it, then do not leave it on b/c it will break it off. I also bought mine from the same place and it is great. I only get up to 50-60mph for a few minutes if on highway. After a few months, just check your screws and make sure they are all tightened. They will still loosen from the lake and wind.
  6. Did your valves start working correctly? Mine still do not work or close all the way. Should I remove the springs? I saw where inland surfer's new boat they said they took out the springs to make the flow quicker. Will the valve close if the springs are removed? I just got into town and have not had time to go to irrigation company.
  7. Mine does the same thing. It used to only fill the side I wanted, then it just started to fill both. I replaced all the parts in it and it still did it. I added a new pump and put in another two sprinker valves(ordbit) for the new pump and those two do the same thing. I went to an irrigation company because I was going to spend the money on to get Toro ones and he made a comment that they never fully close. I did not pay attention to it until now. So I have to go back and ask him what he was talking about. The manual override to close it does not work on the old ones or even the new ones????
  8. OK, just FYI. I took off the back screws holding the mounts in about 3 minutes. They are threaded into the hull. Easy fix.
  9. 2008 I am thinking the two bolts that hold the bracket to the transom do not have nuts on the back side. Since the bolt is screwed in with an allen wrench, I am guessing that the boat has the mounts in the fiberglass of the transom. I have never seen an allen bolt that can handle the torque of a nut on the back. Plus you can't feel a nut behind the carpet. Any thoughts?
  10. Last week we were out on the water and my swim deck broke off on the port side. When I pulled the pin out on the other side and took it off, I noticed that the other weld was broken loose too. I called the dealer and they were awesome and had Fineline send me two new brackets. The new brackets are chrome and the old mount on the transom has to be removed since they are different. Has anyone ever removed the swim deck mount from the transom? It looks like I have to pull the carpet and get to any nuts in the back locker. It also feels like thru the carpet the bottom bolt may be going under the floor in the locker? Thanks,
  11. WakeDoc, Do you have any new pics w/ the glowing surf wave?
  12. Thanks. I am going to the dealer tomorrow to see if it is ready. Can't wait to put the new lights in.
  13. Mine is doing the same and I replaced the Orbit Solenoid and it still is filling. I will double check my wiring, but I think the interior is stuck open. I may have to try and replace the inside seals?
  14. I have an Enzo 230 that has the same lights. I don't have my boat with me b/c it is at the dealership for repairs and wanted to see if you coudl tell me your inventory sheet for the bulbs. I beleive these are just the plug an play for the current bulbs, but don't know the sizes. Could you give me your sizes, amounts ordered, for the differnet lights please? that way I can order them and just install them when I get the boat back. Thanks,
  15. Sounds good Doc Do youstill have that light until you wanted to install in the transom? I can't wait to see it. I should have my boat back from the dealer with a new engine in it and am ready to finish my mods. I keep waiting to see who has the best underwater light to light that wave about 20 feet out on one side to make a huge glowing wave for surfing. We have seen some so far, but they are just about 10 feet out and in our lovely Texas water, it is a little green or brown. Maybe we can have our boats at the same time. I am going to break it in w/ a few guys on Lake Travis if you want to come up and spend a day. Toward the end of May.

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