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  1. Yeah so none of that did anything... took it out to Chatfield last night and still had the hard starting issue after a few hours of surfing. Well crap, I think we are going to just take our boat to Island Lake Marine and leave it with them for a few weeks. The dealership we bought it from agreed to help with the service costs because they sold us the boat with what they said was a fixed prior issue... clearly not fixed. BTW, Fish were you leaving Chatfield yesterday (06/09) around 6:30-7pm? White tow vehicle? If so we passed each other, I was heading to decon in the green Excursion with the all red SV230 in tow.
  2. Yeah it wouldn't hurt to look into those issues. I think we may have gotten lucky with this issue though, seems like most people have bad fuel pumps. I'm hoping it was just this fuel filter/valve issue. Check out the pics in this post. The inlet of the filter is bent inward touching the smaller cylinder inside the filter. I feel like this would obstruct the fuel flow enough and allow air to sit in the fuel lines to cause starting issues. I would just assume this causes hard starting when hot because we are running too lean? I dunno, we'll see what happens when we get on the water I guess. Fish: We usually go to either Chatfield or Cherry Creek. Kind of depends on the day and where we are tagged. Currently we have a Cherry Creek tag but Chatfield is usually pretty easy to get on since they have the decon station at the lake... get there early enough and they are pretty quick.
  3. Well, here is an update: First off, Fish I can't really help with the alarm, haven't had that issue on the boat. Sorry man. On another note, I pulled up the floor of the boat to access the tank and fuel lines to replace/clean the anti-siphon valve at the tank and replace the inline fuel filter. Our anti-siphon valve has the standard 3/8 barbed end connected to the fuel line to the inline fuel filter and a 5/8" (1/4" ID) threaded end going into the fuel tank. I called all sorts of shops around Denver and no one carried the 5/8" valve, only the 1/2". Apparently this is a very specialized part according to them so I chose to clean and reuse it... whatever. Either way, I pulled off the anti-siphon valve cleaned it and blew air through it (taste of fuel is great...) and found it to be a little stuck at first. It took a bit of effort the first time but after that it seemed to move just fine. took out the fuel lines all the way up to the LP fuel pump and water separator filter to dump them and make sure there were no obstructions. Didn't find any. The one thing I did find was that the old inline fuel filter although relatively clean was dented in at the inlet so the aluminum was touching the inside filter cylinder on one side of the threaded inlet adapter area (I'll post pics later for reference). I guess this could cause an issue with choking the fuel at this point but who knows, replaced it with a new one anyway. Whoever put in the lines before me didn't use any thread sealant on the inline filter threads or the anti-siphon valve threads so I went ahead and did that. Checked the fuel pressure afterward and this time it went up slightly to 26/27psi ish while primed. I bought the little fake-o-lake thing so I could run the boat in the driveway and turned her on and the pressure went up to almost 30psi, probably a little below 30. Who knows if this did anything... I'm still a bit concerned with the low fuel pressure both while primed and while running. SO, after running it in the driveway for a while I took it to the lake and idled for a bit, filled the factory ballast and ran around the lake for about 20 minutes. Then idled for a good 20-30, then ran around the lake again doing about 20mph on the perfectpass for another 15-20 minutes. Took it in to the dock, turned it off for about 10 minutes while I went and got the truck and low and behold when I got back she fired up just fine. I would have expected to have the same hard start issue. Decided to take her off the lake and drive home (20-25 minutes) and put it back on the fake-o-lake and she fired right up again in the driveway no problem... I checked the engine in the driveway and it was super hot, I didn't let it vent or anything at the lake or in the driveway. All of this should have reproduced the hard start issue because it happens (used to happen?) just when driving from the dock to the marina which takes maybe 10 minutes of idling and throttling up to speed between loading the boat and waiting for people to get on... So now I don't know, fuel pressure didn't really change significantly, I did clean the anti-siphon valve and replaced the inline fuel filter so maybe it was one of those two that was the culprit for the hard start? This week will be the real test in 90 degree weather and actually surfing and running the boat as she was meant to be run. As of right now it seems the fix was either the filter or the anti-siphon valve but I'm not getting my hopes up quite yet. Also, batteries are fine and all voltages look good so I'm ignoring potential electrical issues for now... I'll report back with findings after this weeks lake trip.
  4. I am having similar problems with my 2006 SV230. Our boat starts up fine when it is cold or has sat for a few hours after running however if we turn it off at any point in time on the lake it has a real bad hard starting problem. We are able to get it started by giving it almost full throttle while out of gear but you really shouldn't have to do that. I spoke with a tech from the dealership where we purchased the boat and they said to try replacing the IAC motor and gasket and cleaning the filter but that didn't work either. I checked the fuel pressure at the Schrader valve on the fuel rail and we are only showing 25 psi when the fuel pump is primed and the boat hasn't been started that day. The fuel pressure stays at 25 psi when running and jumps anywhere from 0 to 25 when trying to start after running the boat. The service manual says it should be at 43 psi so I'm guessing (hoping) we have a blockage in the fuel line instead of a bad fuel pump. If I were you I would try checking the fuel pressure so you can rule out numerous other issues, then run through the fuel line components one by one starting with the cheapest and easiest to access. That is the direction I am headed in. Let me know how things progress, I'll follow up once we've solved our issue and maybe it will help you.
  5. New Member Intro!

    Hey everyone, new member and boat owner in Colorado. Just picked up a new to me 2006 Enzo SV230. Looking forward to getting some good info off the site and surfing a lot this summer!
  6. Fuel Filter issue

    Old fuel filter that may have been causing some hard starting problems we were having.

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