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  1. Hello fellow Centurions. I have been trying to do some research on trying to find out what cable is in my Eclipse so that I can replace it. Does anyone have an eclipse that may be better be able to tell me what the cable is. Recently got the boat out on the water after winter hibernation and the steering was TERRIBLE. I know it's already tough being a direct drive, but this was far worse than usual. I'm sure the cable has never been changed since the boat's inception so I figured now would be a good time to take the rudder down, grease it, check all the seals, and throw in a new cable for the summer. I cannot find the anywhere online that says what could be in there, and figured I would ask here first as the boat is in a slip about 45 minutes away from me to go check. Thanks guys!
  2. I have a 2002 Centurion Eclipse, boating season has arrived and I am getting the boat detailed, waxed, etc. I have the raised decals and one side is starting to peal, so I figured I should peal them completely off so it's ready for detail and can get all the oxidation off before putting new decals on. Here is the issue, I cannot seem to find this particular decal anywhere!! And even Centurion themselves say they don't have them anymore, nor could I order direct from them even if they did. I can find the "centurion" raised decal all day long but I cannot find it with the helmet that is raised or even a separate helmet decal so I can duplicate what is currently on now. Does anyone know where this may be, or can someone make them, or even at least the helmet? Thanks! Will not let me load a picture.
  3. Since there was no replys to this topic, I eventually figured out what the problem was in case anyone comes into contact with this issue. The oil cooler was completely clogged on the input side from the impeller/water pump hose. Essentially it wasn't allowing enough water to pass through the motor at high speeds or throttle, but at idle and low speeds where it didn't require a lot of water it would run fine.
  4. Recently purchased a 2002 centurion eclipse only has 230hours on the motor. boat is in great shape in all aspects but took the boat this past weekend and noticed an unusual overheating issue. Boat ran absolutely great first time I had it out a couple weeks ago. This past weekend I took it on Saturday to a cove where we would have everyone meet up at and camp. I parked the boat for most of Saturday. Sunday morning when the lake was like glass decided to take the boat out, after about 5 minutes out the audible warning started going off, I looked down at the temp gauge and it was all the way past 220. I shut the motor off waited about 5 minutes and restarted the boat, temp had leveled out so I drove it back to the cove very slowly around 5-10mph and the temp maintained well. After a few hours I went out to the boat and turned it on and let it run in the cove for about 15 minutes at idle, I opened up the engine cover made sure there was nothing in there that could be causing issues, couldn't see or feel anything. After 15 minutes boat still maintain good temp, oil PSI was perfect and the boat sounded great. Later on in the day we wanted to do some tubing so we tried taking the boat out, as soon as I gave it some throttle to get up to speed I could see the temp gauge rising rapidly and got almost to audible warning temp again, so I backed off and called it a day. I had to cruise back to the docks which was about 7 miles away, I cruised the boat the entire way at about 10mph and the temp was perfect the whole way there. I have heard of the impeller and thermostat causing similar issues but usually the opposite of my situation as it would overheat at idle but level out with throttle. So trying to see if anyone has a similar experience and can point me in the right direction, I will change the impeller regardless because who knows the last time it was changed. But any other information would greatly be appreciated, as we have another weekend planned and I would like to actually enjoy the boat this time. THANK YOU!!
  5. Thanks for all the information, the boat came with a Lowrance depth-finder on the dash that shows speed would this be good to use to calibrate it? Or should I use a GPS speed app? And does anyone know the reason behind having 2 speedos?
  6. They look to be factory placed not aftermarket, at least that's what it appears since there are 2 identical indents where the knobs/dials are. I was not able to post pictures so here is a URL to where I could find a picture of my exact dash. http://features.boats.com/boat-content/files/2001/12/img6329.jpg And you are correct Truekaotik they are aluminum. But there are no tower speakers, or aftermarket equipment on the boat. Previous owner never added anything beside upgrading the 4 speakers that came in the boat. I guess I could crawl under the dash and see if I can trace the wires back to where they are going. But it does seems like one of them has something to do with the speedo.
  7. Hello everyone, I am new to the Centurion Family and just recently picked up a 2002 Centurion Eclipse. Boat is in immaculate shape and only has 202 Hours on the motor. This is not my first boat but this is my first "ski" boat. The question I have and I have been looking all over for the answer, is above the steering wheel below the gauges there are 2 control knobs that turn clockwise. This may seem like a stupid question, but what are they for? I have only taken the boat out once for about 30 minutes for a lake test. but I did notice that the gauge needles would jump all over the place when those knobs were turned. Any information would be gratefully appreciated! Thank You!
  8. 2002 Centurion Eclipse


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