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  1. FI21 ballast set up.

    ya silent stinger for sure, Lead helps when only two people in boat but not necessary. I run the 16x13 prop at sea level but I only surf and dont go above 21mph because the rpms get pretty high then and fuel consumption goes way up after that. I have a stock prop so if I go to a big lake and dont plan on surfing I can swap em if I want but havent done it yet. I just set the cruise to 20 and do that.. cruise
  2. Fi23 Mods

    I know its possible to keep the key functioning for the kill switch/security purposes. Even seen some people have it relocated but the screen turning off is how the boat is set up from the factory. Is it possible ? yes probably but I think it would mess with diagnositcs the computer runs everytime it reboots. I think you can wire it the way you want it tho
  3. Fi23 Mods

    Im with spiiina on this one. Ignition module is like brain surgery to my simple mind. Really trying to determine best place to mount the module at the moment. Then the balls to cut the old ignition wires to attach them to module. And lastly a good place to attach the ground/kill switch any advice?
  4. definitely surfable with some bags and listed. I had a 99 eliteV. Good deep hull. The transmission had to be rebuilt so I did that and sold it. Make sure it shifts good.
  5. Fi23 Mods

    Scratch that I got it figured out. Thanks bro!
  6. Fi23 Mods

    Hey lovetosurf, is there anyway I can get a close up picture of the bracket set up for the lift gate where it is mounted in the tray area? The top mount is pretty straight forward but the one in the tray has me guessing. Thanks a ton
  7. Fi23 Mods

    perfect thanks, that was me on your youtube video as well btw. I didnt know where you would respond. this should help me try and mount the lift gates and i have them in my amazon cart. after I look around a bit ill snag some brackets as well and hopefully set it up
  8. you can get a fi21 for under 100k if that helps at all. They come with optiV hulls
  9. 2018 fi21 running the 16x13 as suggested by dealership. They pre warned me about the growl but it doesnt bother me. Surf RPMs are good about 3400. Only downside is how much fuel you burn when you try and go fast ha. I try and cruise about 22mph to help with economy
  10. Fi23 Mods

    Awesome mods on the rear hatch lift gates, what brackets did you use? One set of flat brackets and one set of angled or 90 degree ones? If you could tell me where u mounted em that would be sweet. Like how many inches from the edge etc... emailed erik about push start and getting that ball rolling as well
  11. Upholstery pics

    Hell yes, I wish I could do this haha.. ill probably drop 4k
  12. I have a 99 elite V, you can definitely get them for less than 20k. Im rebuilding the tranny now but the guy I got it from surfed it he said. He had two 400lbs bags and a larger bag for the center and a bag for the bow. sack it and lean it over and it throws a surfable wake from what I understand.
  13. haha, got the real quality stuff from 3m. Can't remember the price but pretty sure it was less than 3500$
  14. quoted 3500-4500 for my elite V in Dallas.. I went with white duct tape for now
  15. that's what I was thinking the whole time..cheap skateboard ramp haahahha.

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