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  1. 2017 238 vs 2016 SV 244 ?

    Hey LKASurfing, if you don't mind me asking, what are your settings on your sv244? I have a 2015 sv244 and just curious how others do their setup. Do you ever use quicksurf and if so, how are you setting it up? We are predominantly port side surfers. Thx
  2. SV244 vs. fs33

    Thx CO. That's pretty much what we're already doing. I do fill the bow bag sometimes to try and lengthen the wave. Appreciate the input.
  3. SV244 vs. fs33

    Hello LKA. I bought a 2015 sv244 at the end of last year. Ram fill, pnp, loaded. We love it. Makes a great wave. I've owned 2009 sv220 and 2013 sv230+. I'm really trying to dial in the SV. I live in Idaho and only get out a couple times a month. I can't find others preferences and setups on the sv244 2015. Tons on fs versions. I've been using nasmiths 2015 fs44 settings which seem to really work even on the SV. I was wondering what you use for listed and quicksurf. Just trying to save time on the water. We are 90% regular 10%goofy. Thx in advance for any help.

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