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  1. The Wave....Really!

    I'm still looking for another owner of one of these. If anyone has any leads please let me know. They are so hard to find info on. I love mine but would really like to be able to share some knowledge and different setups experimented. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Corey
  2. The Wave....Really!

    Does anyone else have one of these? I would love to chat about ballast setups and such. Let me know, thank you.
  3. The Wave....Really!

    Here is a picture of the wave so far. This was on the second time I have ever had it out. I still am playing around with where to put the weight.
  4. The Wave....Really!

    Kimura, NOT stoked haha. Sorry buddy.
  5. The Wave....Really!

    I have more pics of the wave but at least this gives you the idea.
  6. The Wave....Really!

    So far with this boat I have pulled three waterskiers, wakesurfed with no rope plenty, wakeboarded plenty and hauled my stand-up jetski on the back. It really is a complete package. Not the greatest ski boat but not bad either with the ballast empty.
  7. The Wave....Really!

    I have one too. In fact, I tried to buy the one above that Stoked posted for sale a while back, but he stopped returning my calls and emails and now is evidently not selling it. I ended up finding one much cheaper with half the hours and unbelievable shape. I love the boat. I run one 1000LB sac on the back when surfing and usually the wave is actually better when it is only about 80% full. I bought it for the same reason, to haul my stand-up jetski but the thing ended up surfing way better than I ever anticipated. I have been on soooo many wake boats and honestly it is hilarious to hear all you guys chatter about how it couldn't be any good for surfing. Most of the newer boats are all so much bigger. That doesn't mean they make bigger waves. It means you have to put a TON of weight in them to get them to sink down. This surf wave is very tall and long. I will post pictures soon.

    Here are a couple more photos of my boat that I have right now. I will post some more later. I also posted a pic of another "Wave" that has a tower. The "Wave" has two build in ballast tanks.

    I have heard that there weren't too many of these things made. Does anybody on here have one? I did a quick search for the word "wave" and only got results of people setting up a wave for surf on other boats.

    My fist inboard. I am a loooooong time stand up jetskier who has always wanted to be able to integrate my sport with other people. I bought a '98 Centurion Wave because of it's huge flat back deck. I can haul my superjet on it and surf with my friends at the same time, Win-Win! I'm sure this is a novice in comparison to newer surf boats but I was going to modify a pontoon to carry my jetski so this is a huge upgrade. I have a lot to learn about setting this thing up for surfing so if anyone wants to help me, I would be thrilled and thank you in advance. I have been wrenching on cars and jetskis for 20 years, so I am hoping some of this translates. -1998 Centurion Wave

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