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  1. I owned a 2014 fx22 and was under the impression the touch screen didn't have enough memory to run it AND all the other functions like ram fill. I had to install rocker switches to control mine. Is yours a ram fill boat?
  2. I used a pump for my fat sack to pump water into one of the large diameter hoses on the top of the motor to fill the block with water and was able to finally get it to start sucking water... working fine now!
  3. Hello I got my 2014 fx22 our of storage and dewinterized this week, ran it on the hose and all checked out. Put a brand new impeller into it and put it in the lake, a few minutes after launching it started to alarm and I noticed the temp spiking above 200 degrees. I shut it down to cool and jumped over to see if anything was blocking the raw water intake, all was clear. I got some tools and removed the impeller to verify All was still well. It seems like water is getting to the impeller but not beyond to the motor. I pull the hose off the top of the impeller housing and water will rush out of the engine if running but water won’t reach the engine you can tell the hoses are empty and collapsed. Motor is the pcm 343 any ideas? Do these have a thermostat? Maybe it is stuck? Any other ideas? thanks! mike
  4. Ok thanks, I'll keep an eye on it for the rest of the season and let you know if it happens again. thanks again for being on the forum and answering questions during the holiday weekend!!!
  5. Took the boat out for a sunset cruise to test it out, temp stayed ok at about 160-165 with no codes, must have sucked some debris over the intake...
  6. No ran last summer on it and when I pulled it for winterization it still looked really good so I used again this summer. I'd say it has 75 hours on it or so.
  7. 180 hours replaced raw water impeller season before last, looked good this year so I reused it
  8. Didn't see it at the time shut it down within seconds of seeing the fault. I'll take a look at the intake grate and see if anything is blocking it tomorrow. Other than that raw water impeller might be bad? thanks!
  9. Was able to find the fault codes for the engine, looks like it is emwt2 higher than expected trying to understand what that means?
  10. I was idleing in to my boat slip on the lake today and my check engine light went on and started beeping. The engine code is spn 442 fmi 15 plug id b anyone know what this code is or have a chart I can look it up? Motor is the pcm 343 in 2014 fx22 thanks!
  11. Fs44 wiring

    Just to verify, the VSR/Perko switch is to be run in the #1 position and will charge both the batteries when it senses there is enough current correct? I've never really thought of it and always ran in the #1 position but I have heard of others running the the combined?
  12. Friend bought a used fs44 recently and I've been walking him through the controls as ive got a fx22. We noticed that the radio will only work if the nav light is in the on position. Is this something with the 2015s? I've got a 14 and the switch is independent on all the others so you can have the radio on when just chilling without the ignition on.
  13. I've used the spectrum white on my 2014 fx22 and it matched out fine.
  14. FX22 vs Nautique

    Ive got a 2014 fx22 and the wave is great, having ram fill and cats is a plus too. I can be off from the marina and surfing in just a couple of minutes. Storage however does really suck, if you use the rear lockers for PNP bags and if it has ram fill that basically only leaves under the glove box area for storage and that's it!

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