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  1. Update: boat ran just fine going to boat ramp. Trailered it back home and began the search for fuel pump #2. There isn't one. I have not replaced the water separating fuel filter yet; will do that in the next evening or two. Still do not know why the boat quit running last Sunday. Daughter's birthday party is on the lake Saturday, so hopefully I won't have any issues. If I do, my buddy's boat will be there too.
  2. Temp gauge is fine; about 160. Impeller is new (according to owner I purchased it from), and I have a new spare as well. Went down yesterday afternoon to hunt for fuel pump #2; I only saw a black hose running to the water separating fuel filter setup. Not sure I have a second fuel pump or inline filter unless it's under the floor panel behind the engine cover. Funny thing is that the boat cranked up fine and ran fine yesterday afternoon. I plan to put it on the trailer today and get it back home so I can hunt for second pump. Can anyone elaborate here on whether or not I have 2 fuel pumps? Also makes me wonder if some crap was stopping the fuel flow to the water separator, and then worked itself loose from Sunday afternoon to yesterday afternoon. I did pick up a new water separating fuel filter; will replace it this evening. Thanks!
  3. That is currently exactly what I'm doing; I just sure don't understand why there is no drain there. I might put one in at some point. Thanks!
  4. I will definitely try the filter(s) first. Question: where is the low pressure fuel pump if my engine has one? I'm going to stop by my buddy's dock today and look for it, and the inline filter I keep reading about on this forum. I know where the water separating fuel filter is, but I have not searched for the low pressure pump. If I have an inline fuel filter, my plans are to change it and the water separator first. When I say I ran the tank dry at the beginning of the season, it was pretty much dry. After the last round of tubing earlier this spring, I had the boat sitting at the dock. When I cranked it up to go to the ramp, it would start up and then stop; it was very low on gas. At that point, I poured 5 gallons in it to get to the ramp, and I have not had any trouble since. That was about 8 hours of run time ago. Any advice on where the low pressure pump is (if I have one) and the inline fuel filter would be appreciated. This is a 2000 Elite Bowrider direct drive, so the engine is easily accessible. Thanks!
  5. Yeah, it's definitely coming from the top side, not the hull. My main thing was why there was no drain in this compartment. I've been thinking about drilling a drain hole and putting a fitting in it and running a hose to the bilge via the driver's compartment bilge access hole (where steering cable and electrical cables go). I'm scratching my head why there would not have been a drain hole in this compartment. The latest storm had this compartment 2/3 full of water.
  6. I have verified that the gauge is accurate (by pretty much running it empty earlier in the season), and I also looked at the tank. From observation, it looks like the fuel tank is about 1/2 full, maybe a little less. I could see the level of gas in the tank. It would be nice if it was that simple, but I'm afraid that fuel level isn't the issue.
  7. Out on lake today, pulling tube, then engine sounded like it was running out of fuel. At first it would run at partial throttle, then it quit running. You could turn engine on, hear fuel pump, start engine, then engine would run a few seconds and die. It sounds like it runs out of fuel. Tank 1/2 full, had pretty much cleaned tank out at beginning of season, Lucas injector cleaner currently in gas. This is a new boat to me; I have currently put about 15 hours on it since I bought it with no issues at all. Boat has about 550 hours on it; Mercruiser 350Mag with Cool Fuel on it. Have not yet replaced water separating fuel filter; was going to do that first to eliminate simple things. Thought is that fuel pump is going bad. I don't see a Schrader valve on the fuel rail, although there is a plug on one end of the rail that I can tap for fuel pressure. Does this boat have 2 fuel pumps on it? Haven't studied it too close yet. I do know that the high pressure (cool fuel) pump is running, although I haven't verified pressure. Not sure about low pressure pump or if I even have one. Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Hello, and thanks for the welcome! The picture I had was too large for upload, so I couldn't upload it. The compartment I am talking about is under the front right bow seat. It's a small compartment that ends at the front of the driver's console. It was basically a small pool in there after I got caught in the rainstorm. I would have thought Centurion would have put a drain in it. I emailed Shell at Centurion but have yet to receive an answer.
  9. Hello! I am new to this forum and to Centurion boats since I purchased my 2000 Elite Bowrider in February. Really nice boat, runs really good, love the direct drive 350 Mag engine. One problem I've noticed recently (after getting caught in a rainstorm) is that the driver's bow compartment fills up with water and has no drain, apparently. Has anybody else had this problem, and did you fix it? If so, what did you do to fix it? I am not a fan of drilling holes in my boat, but I feel this drain (or lack of) issue needs to be resolved. Thanks in advance for any information on this.

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