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  1. Thanks guys I agree that the key turned to the left in accessory position should power the screen. I think they updated the software version during the 100hr service and something is now preventing it from powering on in ac mode. I am assuming no one else has experience fixing this? Sounds like a trip to the dealer is in store
  2. I am hoping someone can help me here ... I have a 2012 Enzo 233 with the pro vision II display. My question is: can you power on the display without starting the boat? I tried turning key to accessory but the display doesn't power on? My winter storage location requires proof that the gas is at a certain level. Since the boat will be on a trailer I won't be able to start the boat and display the fuel level so I am hoping there is another way to power the display. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Purchased! Went with the 233 thanks to the advise on here. Launching in the water tomorrow. Upgraded port side pro sac but need to get additional ballast for port side locker. Thinking about the fly high 1100lb bag. Thanks everyone for the advice. Couldnt be happier
  4. Thanks guys. We're going out on Saturday and if all goes well we will be new centurion owners! Does anyone know if centurion charges to transfer the warranty
  5. Here is a picture of the mid-ship bag and the connection on the 233. I assume this is what they mean by plug and play? I believe this bag is 500lbs.
  6. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the helpful responses. To clarify my original post, the 230 is a 230+ I have the build sheet on the 233 and am working on getting it for the 230+. the ballast is where i have the most questions. I know the 233 has the quick fill system and the pro ballast package. The 230+ also has the quick fill system but still waiting on the build sheet to know if it has the pro package or not. As for the pro package - i am having a hard time understanding what exactly that includes. I am hoping the experts on here can jump in. Does the pro package just mean mid ship bags on both sides? If you dont have the pro package I assume this is just rear tanks for the quick fill and no additional ballast? Does pro package include "plug and play" or was that a different option on top of the pro package? Sorry for all the questions. My head is spinning a bit. Both boats are out of state so I want to make sure I am fully educated before wasting time and money. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi guys, New to the forum. I made the mistake of getting on a buddy's 2009 enzo 244 last summer?. I am now looking to sell my current boat for a centurion. I have done a lot of searching and research and pretty much have it narrowed down between two boats. Both are 2012 and both are priced within a thousand dollars of each other (58k). One has under 50hrs and the other has 105hrs (233). Both have the same pcm 343. My question is what are the main differences between the 230 and 233? Is it just the larger bow vs cockpit? Which would you go with? The prices seem to be reasonable ?

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