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  1. Thanks for the reply. We're not in a hurry so it will likely be late this summer before we've got something. (really dependent on when the factory opens up again and starts delivering new order boats) Anyone have a line on new options/must haves in the 2021's? If I'm ordering one, it might end up being that model year.
  2. All, I'm thinking about switching from a 2012 Malibu LSV to a RI257. I know the difference will be major between the two boats and manufacturers. We're playing around with the idea of getting the Dealer 2020 demo (it's a Salute to Service which we love) but we couldn't get it until they get there next Demo (once the factory is building and shipping them). There are some options I'm not crazy about on the Demo so we are wondering about discounts for custom order boats vs dealer demo, and what all the options are on the boat. I like to be fully prepared when I head to the dealer so any assistance would be awesome. Things I don't think I'd like/use on the demo boat: Heated driver's seat (I'm almost always the driver, my current boat has 565 hours on it and I'd be all but 15 of those have me behind the wheel) Dropzone tower (in the 15 years of owning a boat with a tower, I've only dropped the tower 3 times, all on the same weekend trip) Underwater lights (our current boat has them and we've only used them a handfull of times) Heater (don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'd use the heater, just never liked the locations of the tubes from any factory so it's something I usually add afterwords myself) HD Slide seat component / table (we've only used our table 2-3 times and that was years ago when my daughter was a baby) Colors (yes I like the S2S and red white and blue, but I'm from the Pittsburgh area and the current boat, jeep, truck, and jetski are all black and yellow) If we were to order the boat, we'd likely get the boat at the same time as the demo, would changing these options make a huge difference in price to make the cost a wash? Things I'd like to know if they're options: Spot Lights on the tower PA system like on the Wetsounds 420 Wireless phone charging Finally, We now live on a lake with a boat lift. I don't think I'll ever need to trailer the boat anywhere but to the dealership (and they have a loaner for that purpose). Does it make sense not to get the trailer? What are the must have options on these boats (RAMFill, QuickSurf Pro, Silent Stinger Wake Plate Exhaust System, clamping racks are all must haves for me) Thanks in advance for all who reply.
  3. Centurion's Line for 2017

    I think you misunderstood. I'm not saying that the RI only lineup is a mistake. The mistake is that they're making a push on social media to market the Carbon Pro, and it's not listed as an available 2017 model! The Carbon Pro article was posted on Dec 6, 2016. You'd think that they'd either have the boat model as part of the lineup, or delay the announcement, etc.
  4. Centurion's Line for 2017

    so today, I saw an update on FB about a new Carbon Pro. Then I saw this article on Centurion's own website: https://centurionboats.com/carbon-pro-makes-way/ But in the current lineup of models, there's only RIs. This seems like a pretty big mistake.
  5. Ri257 in Arizona

    Just checked out the page, at least it's something. That truck looks like a Colorado, not the Silverado HD Dually that it is! that boat is huge on the trailer.
  6. Latest attack on Water Sports

    All, We've started a gofundme project to retain a lawyer to help fight this nonsense. We're seeing this kind of thinking on all lakes in VA (Lake Anna, Smith Mountain Lake, Lake Kerr, etc). I feel that if we can successfully fight this here, it can form the foundation for defense in other locations around the country. Please consider donating. https://www.gofundme.com/VirginiaWatersport
  7. Centurion's Line for 2017

    There was a rumor on another site that an optioned boat topped out over $170K don't have details on the options or anything but that's nearly $80K more than my Malibu LSV 4 years ago!
  8. Latest attack on Water Sports

    thought so. I'm Dave Leach.
  9. Latest attack on Water Sports

    ^^^ Thanks ^^^ I'm going to try and get down to the meeting. I assume you're in the LKA WakeSurfing FB page?
  10. Latest attack on Water Sports

    I've already reached out to them, I'll let you know what I hear!
  11. Latest attack on Water Sports

    I'm not familiar with Party Island. we're always north of the 208 bridge and there's not many islands up there, even though this rule would actually drive MORE boarding traffic south, presumably closer to his location.
  12. https://spotsylvania.novusagenda.com/agend…/CoverSheet.aspx… There is an attempt to make a 200' setback on Lake Anna, va. Much of the Lake (almost everything north of the 208 bridge for those who are familiar with the lake) is narrower than 600' with several less than 400'. That essentially puts everyone who wants to do any sports into one area of the lake, competing with Large cruisers, high speed jet and go fast boats, and those unfamiliar with the parts of the lake north of many bridges (which happen to be the best parts of the lake for ski and board sports). Any advice on how to fight this?
  13. I'd be happy to have another option. The banging of boards in rough water drives my wife nuts! in rough water, we take down ALL the boards and put them on the floor. I'd pay the 4K to have a happy wife while in the chop from 1 riding location to another!
  14. Thanks, I thought I was seeing them on some of the new 2017's online. What did you think of the 17? Looking at transitioning from a 2012 Malibu 23LSV to the Ri237.
  15. Does anyone know if this is an option in the 2016 or 2017 models? If not, is there an aftermarket rack that works?

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