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  1. Hi All, I am new to this site and a new Centurion owner. 2003 Typhoon Storm Series 3 with Mercruiser 6.2 MPI. It has two ballasts, starboard 200 lbs sac and port 1400 lbs Fatsac. Unsure of the prop at the moment. Bought this boat primarily for Wake Surfing. Couple questions: 1. There is a Wake Plate in the center of the transom. It has manual adjusting rods but the plate it self does not seem to move. I don't want to force it, does this plate adjust? If it is not adjustable should I convert to an adjustable wake tab? 2. There are fumes of gas coming from bilge and into the storage but there is little to no gas in the bilge water. Is this a leak, just a loose hose or normal? 3. Any suggestions \ recommendations for surfing behind this boat. So far glad to be a Centurion owner.

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