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  1. Sanger no way, they are but ugly. Maybe a new FX22 or 244, or a Tige or a Super Air nautique. I really like the interior in the tige.
  2. Might have to make my own boat search thread. Might wait a couple months. I'm going to pay off my truck and credit cards so i'll be debt free and finance a new boat. No idea if i'm going to stick with centurion or switch brands.
  3. I'm going out to la the first week of January. I could check it out then. But that's a little far away.
  4. With the Evolution tower if it ever breaks your sol. They don't make the brackets any more. I"m pretty sure I got the last set in the world lol. You said you don't want to go much over 30k. Well this boat is 34 offer him 32 and your set.
  5. That is deff a horrible color combo. Po's color combo was worse, damn that was a ugly boat.
  6. I forget what I did on mine, I think it was 5%
  7. I did mine and love it. The seating position on my boat isn't the greatest so the bolster is always up any way.
  8. Find a place and get it inside. I paid for inside storage last year because my garage was full and it deff wasn't stored inside all year and it really put additional wear on the boat.
  9. Now I just gotta decide if I should just buy 3 whole new assemblies and 4 calipers then the trailer would be like brand new. Or fix one axle then dump the boat and buy a new one.
  10. They deffiantly steped up. Only one axle took a crap and they sent me two. I also told them about my caliper locking up and they send me a whole new axle assembly with a new rotor ready to bolt up. UFP is actually the company that stepped up. They are the makers of the trailer pretty much.
  11. No it was before Friday. Got two new axles in today and got them painted. My trailers is blue but I just sprayed them black. I have to get new brake pads and fluid then I guess start tearing it apart.
  12. So this has been a horrible year for us. Our weather sucked all year and we really didn't get out as much as we wanted to. I went away for the weekend and my boat went to complete pooh quick. This is all in a two day span. Winch Broke Winch Strap Broke Trailer Bunk Came Off Caliper Locked up and Trashed a Rotor Then the torsion axle took a pooh and the wheel is sucked up into the fender. So the boats about Hour and a Half away sitting at a buddy's house, until I get parts. Swim platform broke when my buddy was standing on it and he fell to the ground then the swim platform landed on the back of his legs. So the good news is, The company that makes the boat mate trailers is hooking me up with parts, under warranty even know the trailer is out of warranty, I just have to pay to get them painted and pay the freight to get the parts to MD. Any tips on changing out a torsion axle assembly?
  13. I like the sideswipe on my boat.
  14. That's why people get pushed out of cars.
  15. Switchblade

    I always take mine off, as soon as we get out of the water. It is defiantly way to heavy to leave it on while going down the road.

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