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  1. 2014 Centurion enzo sv233 wakesurf

    Regular settings 3-6 people PNP all full including bow Ram 100% surf side 40% off side Cats 30 tab 10 Not the best picture but The guy surfing is 5’8 165ish 5 people in the boat
  2. Surf Board to the Head

    My son took one right on the eye brow that required stitches last year. Always try to remind people to bring there hands up when they fall.
  3. I ran similar weights in my old sv230. I guess we got spoiled but my 270lb buddy can legitimately surf 20 - 25 ft back from the platform. The wave is insanely good. A friend of mine who was looking for a boat and had the money to buy any boat he wanted ended up with an sv233 after surfing behind my boat. He called me the other day and had been out surfing in a few different boats (23 LSV, g23, Moomba) this summer and all he could talk about was how much better his wave is. And I am not slamming those boats at all, but purely for surfing I don't know that you can get better wave than a listed Centurion.
  4. I run two 450 bags on th seats if there is only a couple of us. Everything else is ram or PNP in the lockers
  5. On our 2015 SV233 we run the following: Regular Foot Cats 30 tab 10 Ramfill tanks: 100 % port 30% starboard PNP Bags 100% port 100% starboard 60% Bow Obviously everyone prefers different waves but this gets us the best starting point and we can tweak small amounts depending on how many and placement in the boat. We surf between 10.9 mph (my wife 110 lbs) and 11.3 mph. If there are only 2 or 3 of us (usually its just me , my wife, and maybe one more) I add two 450 bags, one on on the back seat and one on the surf side seat. Still working on getting the darkside wave perfect. Seems like most of my surfing buddies are all regular foot, but we just added a goofy rider to our group of riders so we'll be working on getting that wave dialed in.

    Really digging those new Ri's
  7. Do you know what changed from 2015 to 2016?
  8. Ok, finally got the video loaded to vimeo. This was my buddies first ride of the year. Guess it helps to grow up surfing in the ocean. https://vimeo.com/137640418
  9. Not sure why the video won't upload. Anyone know a quick way to get the videos loaded?
  10. Little video of my buddy Aaron killing on his first day wake surfing this year. Guess it helps to grow up surfing for real.
  11. PCM ZR 450 Performance tune

    Even with the high altitude prop? Not doubting you I am just surprised the altitude makes that big of a difference. I have hauled our race trailer through the mountains out west and lived in Montana for 8 years and driving through some of the high altitude passes there was a difference in performance but not that drastic. I guess the difference in resistance of air and water. That said I don't see a gas tuner making that much difference
  12. PCM ZR 450 Performance tune

    I have had multiple tuned Diesels over the last 20 years and there are major improvements available, both from a power, longevity and effiiciency standpoint. BUT I have never seen one on a gas motor that was worth it. While I would love to see better fuel consumption on my 450, I don't see a need for more power.
  13. Quiet Tip Silencer

    It's funny, the last day out I remember noticing a change in pitch/noise level but then I thought, must be my imagination. And it may have been since I don't know when the silencer came off. I put it back on the lift last night but never went faster than idle so I didn't notice it being overly loud. I will definitely take note of the sound difference when I install a new one. I am planning on putting the Centurion piece back on assuming it should be warrantied.
  14. Just pulled the boat out for the break in service and noticed the Quiet Tip Silencer was completely gone, but the screws were still in place and nice and tight. Anybody else had an issue with this piece just pulling off?
  15. Interesting news! http://www.nautique.com/Press/index/centurion-boats-and-supreme-boats-join-the-correct-craft-family Posted Thread combined with this PRESS RELEASE

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