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  1. Try make a suckgate work any way possible,it transforms my wave as soon as I put it on. You wont believe the difference until you see it yourself. I run at about 9.5 mph and even with little weight it makes the wave a ton pushier.
  2. Get another 540 for the other side and build a suck gate. Can quickly switch from regular to goofy and go ropeless all day,in my opinion evenly weighted boats are much more passenger/driver friendly.
  3. Ok,im guessing the gas tank is also under there? Thanks for the info
  4. Hey guys,anyone know of a plug and play bag i can put in to replace the stock center #250 in my escalade? Have searched and havent came up with anything as of yet. Thanks
  5. Proflight swoop tower light

    Its the wake pylon on top of the tower,i found one though thanks!
  6. Hey guys,anyone know of a good option to add a tower light onto my pro flight tower? Ive seen universal lights but looking for something more oem that might just bolt onto the knob on top?
  7. Questions on 06 Avy

    Where are you located? Seems like prices vary on what region you are located.
  8. What is this cover for?

    Sorry guys,i circled the part in this picture.
  9. Hey guys, curious as to what this cover is for?It looks like its a vent cover for the trans?I'm also worried about humidity and such getting in because it isn't seated against the housing,is there supposed to be a gasket there to seal it? Thanks for any help
  10. A little backstory, bought a new to me 2004 escalade in May and coming from a sport bowrider I had been extemely excited to just throw some weight in the port side and surf like a madman.. A month later and many different ballast setup attempts and I was still unable to go ropeless.Until last weekend that is ?. I made a homemade suckgate off of some schematics I saw on other forums for 20$ and it worked like a charm. I tossed on the suckgate,filled the 1100 in my port locker,500 under my walkthrough and the stock center ballast and the wave literally came alive. What an exciting feeling to actually be surfing ropeless,needless to say im hooked. Ive surfed behind a buddies brand new mojo and his wave didn't compare. Now to just get the girlfriend behind the boat once in a while ?
  11. Thanks for the help! By the looks of it I might just stick with the manual pump for now and tackle this one while the boats in the garage and not at the lake.
  12. Hey guys, i have a 2004 Escalade with walkthrough transom. To start off I am more interested in surfing than wakeboarding so would like my surf ballast to be as hassle free as possible. I have a fly high 1100 that i want to plumb in the port side vdrive locker. I only have the center ballast which in my opinion is near worthless at 200lbs.I would like to use any existing plumbing i can possibly use from the center ballast to fill my 1100 vdrive locker bag. Can I use existing wiring to install a new pump to my existing center switch? Any tips on the simplest and most cost effective way to do this?

    New to me Escalade.Came from a sport bowrider and love it so far.

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