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  1. The only things I have heard about and have happened to me is the exhaust tip can fall off and the flashing of the LED lights when the boat has been off. The exhaust tip is simple to add on again with some washers so it does not fall off and well the LED's flashing just takes turning off the battery's with the disconnect switch when out of the water. This is also a problem with the RI's. Hope this helps.
  2. Boat Hook

    Ok now that is funny. Having boat hook is a good idea. Keeping hands off the dock is a good way to make sure a finger-hand is not squished between the dock and boat or boat and boat. I also have a walking fender that is out when we are docking so someone can easily put this between the dock and boat.
  3. That sucks and your not going to like the answer. Flake looks amazing but if it has to be fixed it sucks. I am a person that can see all and I like things to be perfect. Now with that being said it takes time. To do it right they will have to take the whole panel down and build it back up. This is because the flake is not mixed the same as it was the day it was in production from the factory. Since boats are built from the outside working in you will have just a little bump on this panel since they are now working from the inside out. Now for time really comes down to who does the repair. Like Stoked said getting the Centurion is quick but working on it can take time. With how big you are saying I would say a month from when you drop her off to pick up. Might be quicker depending on how many other projects they are working on.
  4. Oil pump

    After using a hand pump for years then making my own just purchase this one. It is all included and easy. Well worth the money. Pay upfront to save you time and a workout later.
  5. Same thing happened to me earlier this year. A ghost in the system reset my fill and empty times to run about 30 second short of a full bag. Have to enjoy the computer ghost from time to time. Now if they could ever get the LED lights to stop flashing when the boat is turned off that would be great.
  6. How to fix a leaky boat

    ROFL. Added bonus you now have a CAT's fin.
  7. Loose wires under the dash

    He just wanted to say "Hi my friend, can I sit on your lap well you drive"
  8. I do like Whisky. I would start with the button itself. It could be how you are pressing it. If you have a wife let her push it since they are great at pushing things until they break :). For troubleshooting you could pull the wire going to the starter and put a voltage meter on it to see if you get the same voltage every time. If you confirm strong voltage the next place to check would be a relay or computer control for the starting system. I do not know what one it is since I have not looked at how this is wired up. Hope this helps.
  9. Skipped out of work on Friday for a great time and to roll 200. This should have happened two months ago but Doctors just do not know what fun is. Could not have asked for a better day on the water. Also got another person up for the first time and hooked on surfing. Smiles from ear to ear.
  10. Guess you need to teach the crew to get out and push. I have had the same issue at higher elevation and also when I got some weeds on the CAT's fin. Last time it happened to me I did a really hard reverse and it cleared up.
  11. Sorry for the delay. I think the newest FW for the FS33-44 is 2710531. I will be at my boat and can check what I am running. Do you have Drainmaster or valterra valves?
  12. On the Ram system you can leave them open when you trailer and next time you boot up the system it will close all the gates. It is part of the system startup like running the CAT's fin to the left then finding center and moving the wakeplate up.
  13. What FW version are you running? If it is the original I would say get that updated to the last version they made for the 2015's.
  14. Not enough hours or too many hours depending on who you ask. I go with not enough hours since being on the board is directly related to the fun I am having that summer. Too many weddings the last few years. As of today I just hit 194.6 hours. Got the boat in January of 2015. This season I have 18.4. Sticks and stones will break my bones but it is the doctor who really hurt me and had me off the water for two months : ( Trying to make it up with taking as many days off as I can this summer.
  15. Check for a missing ground to the battery's. I know it sounds strange but I had the same thing happen when I reconnected my battery's and found that I missed one of the grounds to the battery.

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