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  1. Finally got my boat back last Saturday! Shop owner said they replaced the Idle Air Control valve to correct the idling problem and no other codes showed up on the computer. Put the boat in the water and cranked it up and it idles fine now, but I still have the two beeps about every minute. We surfed for a couple of hours, then later I opened it up and started having the same stuttering/skipping around 4200 rpm's as Weekender mentioned. Shop was closed this week for vacation so I can't take it back yet to see if their computer will show if any new codes were generated. Anyone have a web link to a free service and/or parts manuals for the Mercruiser Scorpion?
  2. Answer to WakeDirt, my boat is still at the shop after two weeks. I have called several times to check on it and they are so backed up that they still haven't even connected the computer to it to diagnose the problem. Was really hoping to surf the 4th of July weekend, but such is my luck. I am almost ready to buy my own diagnostic cable and software! I hope to report back soon what was wrong.
  3. I have an 07 Avalanche with the 5.7 Mercruiser Scorpion (190 hours) and I just started have the same 2 beep sequence two weekends ago. Since the beeping started, the engine will not idle without going dead and I can't start the engine without giving it throttle while cranking. Runs fine once going faster than idle though and all gauges read normal, v-drive light goes off when above 1200rpm, depth gauge warning is off, and Perfect Pass is working correctly. Called my Mercruiser shop and he said to bring it in so they can hook computer to it and read the error codes. Taking it this coming Saturday, so I'll see if he gets an error code about the water pressure sensor. kriskussee above mentions the IAC valve but I didn't know what that was, so internet search revealed it is the Idle Air Control valve or Idle Speed Control, which sounds like that might be my problem. One of the links to the wakeboarder forum mentions the oil pressure sensor might be unplugged and also suggests checking the ground wire. The mechanic on the JustAnswer link mentions that the 2 beeps (double tone) indicates a sensor that is reading outside of its normal parameters. I will post the resolution to my problem when resolved if I can just remember to come back often to this forum. Thanks.
  4. Kevin, Sorry I haven't checked my post again until today. Just got back from the lake and steering now is not as stiff when turning left but is still more difficult than turning right, but apparently that is normal. Next weekend I will try releasing the steering wheel at 30mph and see if it makes a hard right turn. What will that indicate if it does make the hard right? Thanks. Scott
  5. Thanks to all for the info and comments. Steering was easy both directions while on the trailer and while at idle, but gets difficult only to the left when underway. Lake Water Con, thanks for the good tip on positioning the steering completely left when parked to protect the cable inside the sheath in the bilge. Since no power steering, is the prop turbulence the cause of left turn difficulty?
  6. I am new to this forum because I just bought a used 2007 Centurion Avalanche C4 with a 350 Mercruiser Black Scorpion. Before signing the papers, I made a thorough land inspection of the boat while it was trailered, and ran the engine with a water hose attached, but did not take it out for a sea trial because the ramp was backed up due to a special event that day. I bought it anyway without a test drive, and on my first water run, the power steering is stiff when turning left. I can easily turn the steering wheel with one hand when turning right (clockwise), but really have to put pressure on the wheel when turning back to the left (counterclockwise). This boat is my first true inboard (v-drive) but I have experience with sterndrives and outboards, and I have never had a steering wheel this difficult to turn on a boat. Is this normal for this boat? I checked under the steering wheel for a locking knob because I once owned a boat that had a knob there that you screwed in to keep the steering wheel locked while towing, but this boat only has a lever for the steering tilt mechanism. I didn't get the boat in the water for testing until dusk so it was dark by the time I got back to the dock, and I didn't have time to do more inspection. The boat owners manual talks about preloaded steering and the tendency for the boat to pull right when running between 28-32 mph, and I think I read somewhere when doing research prior to buying this boat that these boats don't have a power steering pump, but I can't find anything with a search on this forum or in the boat or motor owners manuals yet to verify. Any advice, information, or comments are appreciated. Thanks. Scott

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