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  1. I have left it running for 5 minutes or more while I am trying to get the pump to prime, but no longer than that. I never smelled any burning, although the pump did get pretty warm. Based on the age of the boat, and the fact that I've never changed the impeller, I'm guessing the impeller has gone bad. I ordered a new green impeller and will crack the pump to check it out and report back. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Going to give this a try. Seems like the next most logical thing to check/fix.
  3. It worked just fine for the first few years I have owned the boat, so I don't think that could be it. Unless someone played a trick on me....
  4. So apparently all my tightening did nothing. Couldn't get any of the bags to fill again this weekend. Not a drop! (Center tank still works). So I'm back to asking for suggestions or advice. Any chance the pump is bad? I sounds like it its working correctly, but I have no idea if something is wrong inside. Since I can't fill either of my bags, I figure the pump has to be the most logical place to look. Also, the more I think about it, the less I understand how a check valve would fit into the system, or enhance it. Any advice or explanation is welcome. Thanks!
  5. I hope its fixed. Trying to get out tomorrow, so hopefully I'll know what the status is. Thanks for the review and advice on my system.
  6. I definitely don't have any check valves in the system. I'll look in to that if I can't get things working well again. Thanks for the idea.
  7. Hi all, I need some advice, or maybe help, please. I have a 2005 Avalanche. I have owned this boat for about 5 seasons now, but I've never quite understood the ballast system and whether I'm filling it correctly. My confusion is multiplied by the fact that sometimes the bags fill quickly and effortlessly, and other times I simply can't get them to fill at all! The boat has a factory hard center tank and two after-market bags, both on the port side (rear locker and under the port-side seat in front of the locker). The center tank has its own pump, and works great - no issues there. The after-market bags work off a separate jabsco ballast puppy. I have attached a diagram of the fill and over-flow lines and the general locations of the valves on the system. First, I'm wondering if I am even filling it correctly. For example, I'm not sure what I should be doing with all the valves when trying to fill an individual bag. When filling the rear bag, should I close all other valves? Should I close only the fill line valve for the forward bag when I'm trying to fill the rear bag? I'm assuming I want to keep the over-flow valves open so the bag doesn't burst. In the past, I have simply opened the fill line valve for the bag I'm trying to fill, keeping the over-flow valve on that bag open, and closing the fill line valve on the opposite bag. But, for whatever reason, that doesn't always work. Second, and related, is what am I doing wrong when it doesn't work? Here's the situation I normally encounter: I'll open/close the valves as described above, then turn on the pump. The pump itself is working, it doesn't sound "wrong", except for the fact that there is no water filling the bag. I will fiddle with the valves and the fill lines, shaking them etc., and then something will click (not actually "click") and the pump will start to pump water. I can't really tell what the difference is in the setup or operation between when it works and when it doesn't. Recently, my efforts to shake and fiddle with the lines has been less effective than in the past. Possible Fixes (?): After a particularly unsuccessful outing, where I could only get part of one bag to fill (and then couldn't get it to empty at all), I took the boat home and checked all the fittings on the valves, the bags, and the pump. There were several that were loose. I doubt they had been tightened since they were installed. So I disconnected all of the lines, cleaned all the valves and fittings, applied new thread tape to the fittings, and then reattached and tightened them all up. This was an effort to create a better "seal" in the system, although I don't even know if that is/was the problem. I haven't been able to get the boat back in the water yet to test, but will hopefully be able to get out next weekend. Based on the above, does anyone see any glaring issues? Omissions? Outright thick-headed mistakes? I wondered if maybe the impeller in the pump went bad, but I haven't checked that out yet. I appreciate any comments! Thanks!
  8. I just wanted to praise Cory at Evolution Covers for his customer service. I bought a cover from him for my 2005 Avy last year and it is beautiful. However, I had a slight issue when towing with the cover on, in that one of the sides of the cover began slipping out a little from under the rub rail. The cover still stays on, but it wasn't quite operating as intended. I email Cory with pictures of it and within an hour he called me on the phone, suggested some quick ideas that might help the cover fit as intended, and then assured me that if that didn't work, he would add fix the cover at no charge to me. Hopefully I don't need to send it back up to him, but if I do, I know he'll treat me and the cover right. Really great customer service. I whole-heartedly recommend his company.
  9. I see you are in Hurricane. Funny enough, my blowout happened right there on State Street and 6300 W., across the street from that Chevron. I pulled over on 6300 W., right outside that subdivision there. Within a few minutes there were two dudes from there to help change the tire. This was at about 12:30 at night too. Thank goodness for the Elders' Quorum!
  10. That is something I have been thinking about. The tires are probably 3 years at this point (were on the trailer when I bought the boat in April 2014, supposedly were pretty new at that point). I haven't checked the DOT number. Of course, I'd prefer to only buy one vs. 4...
  11. Battery voltage alarm? I've had an alarm going off recently and I think I figured out that its related to the battery. Specifically, I think its telling me that my battery voltage has dropped below 12 volts.
  12. So I had a blowout on my trailer last weekend. I hardly noticed it and put on the spare no problem. Now I need to replace the blown tire. The current tires are Triangle Radials 205/75/14, but I can't find those online (for a reasonable price). So I'm looking at other manufacturers. The question I have is can I just replace one tire at a time, and with a "different" tire? Assuming the tires are the same size and have the same load rating. I recall that its generally advisable that you replace the front tires and rear tires at the same time on a car, but I don't know if that is the same for a trailer. There appears to be nothing wrong with the remaining tires.
  13. Temporary Boat Cover?

    Here she is, in all her plastic wrapped and shredded cover glory! I've got a new cover coming from Cory at Evolution, but he's so busy it won't be started for another month. So this will have to do. Thanks for the advice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Temporary Boat Cover?

    That's a good idea as well. We don't have a local centurion dealer, but I'll try the Malibu rep close by.

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