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  1. Looking to upgrade to a custom enzo sac for my 2006 elite and was wondering if anyone still has the measurements for it. Would definitely save me a lot of work
  2. Elite enzo sac

    Thank you for the info and replies... I was quoted 559.99 for the sac and an estimate of 1192 pounds. Is this a fair and normal price for this type of bag?

    2005 enzo 230 great price http://atlanta.craigslist.org/eat/boa/4525662204.html
  4. I am lucky enough to have bought my first centurion boat! Its an 06 elite v with very low hours that was just to good a deal to pass up! It came with stock triple which I immediatley noticed was not enough. I purchased two 750's for the lockers and am very confused on how to install as my bugdet for this season didnt allow for a brand new ballast system. Can I use the stock aeraters to empty or do I have to make the impeller pump empty as well.
  5. Mighty Elite


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