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  1. I had my servo motor seize up from corrosion (water flung onto it by serpentine belt when a zip tie piece jammed my bilge pump). Successfully took the servo motor apart and cleaned it up with WD40 and a small brush. Has worked great the last two seasons. Sent from my SM-G935T using Tapatalk
  2. Surfwa, I am unable to PM you my info. Site is saying that you can't receive messages. Can you message me an email address? Thanks!
  3. Surfwa, that would be awesome and I would definitely up for that. I'll take any opportunity to learn from those with more experience, so thank you for the offer. I'll send you over my info. I'm in Maltby, so you're probably less than 20min away from me. Just let me know what I can bring ya (drinks) and I'd be happy to lend a hand where I can. What motor do you have? Great to meet ya and yes, surf is almost up here!
  4. Ah...."lose the Centurion Sticker"..... now I get it. Thanks for the clarification Kris. I was starting to wonder if it was some sort of newbie hazing dare. Surf, the pics were actually taken last November. March has been very wet so far here, but the sun is supposed to break through today. The boat is still tucked away in the garage for now or I'd have better pictures to show with less JJ Abrams lens flare. --Speedbump
  5. Hopefully added some pictures now. Boat and tow rig. Boat actually fit in the garage...but not by much. Less than 2 inches - after swim platform removal and swing away tongue. Happy to have it inside - even if it means "Big Red" (as my kids call it) stays outside. Thanks again for the responses and suggestions. --Speedbump
  6. Speedbump_08Enzo

  7. Really appreciate the replies and feedback. There is some great info and advice here and I'm compiling a good list for self education in addition to the PM comments. Thanks BP and Bigcat for the lists. I tracked down the documentation for the motor off a site that had PDF downloads for all the Mercruiser models and years. That has some PM info in it that I can follow. No docs were with the boat so I figuring out what else to read and do. I'll search the forums for more info there. Dura and Poi, I spent the last few days searching through the forums for suggested tools for small toolkit, so your suggestions are much appreciated. Travis, I'll keep that in mind with the impeller and oil change and I've been using the 3M vinyl conditioner. So far so good. Thanks for the warm welcome! Bongo, pics are coming up once I figure it out. Stay tuned.... --Speedbump
  8. First off, been browsing the forums here for quite a while. I'm really impressed with the depth of knowledge and willingness to share and help others out. You seem like a good bunch and it makes me look forward to the crew get-togethers. I'm a proud owner of a 2009 Enzo SV230 that I picked up the end of last year. I'm counting the days for the weather to improve here in my corner of the country to get out on the water. Two questions: 1. My "mechanic" experience has been limited to cars/trucks only and mostly maintenance and the occasional brake job. Not much motor work, but I want to learn. What maintenance or repair tasks should I begin learning and get under my belt to help avoid a major breakdown on a family trip? (the recent Lake Powell post raised my anxiety level quite a bit but I was amazed and encouraged by the support of fellow boaters) 2. Which fellow Crew members are in the greater Seattle area? It'd be great to meet more of ya. I know you can't plan or prepare for everything. Just looking for suggestions on most common issues and where to start. I have the 5.7 Black Scorpion. Thanks!

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