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  1. I have an 04 Avalanche with sideswipe and would love to know if this helps reduce noise. Since the new baffle tips are over $600 now a cheaper solution would be awesome! Anyone measured the sideswipe to see what size is needed and if it will fit?
  2. Sideswipe Baffles?

    Thanks Adam! I'll call Centurion and see if they still have them.
  3. Anyone know where I can get the new sideswipe baffles that are supposed to reduce noise? Bakes used to carry them but they have been out of stock forever. I asked my boat dealer and he said Centurion doesn't make them, they are aftermarket and he doesn't know where to get them. Any idea where I can find them?
  4. Looking for advice on getting the best wakeboarding wake. I like steep, hard wake as far as shape goes. Current Setup: 2004 Avalanche C4 (350 Mag) Dual 800# sacs in the rear Stock center tank 250# About 400-500# in the bow 911 prop Running 23.7 MPH Wake is pretty good but I'm wondering if any changes would make it better. Specifically, do I have too much in the bow? I've heard Avys don't need much bow weight. Should I add more in the rear? Or would adding a sac on top of the floor over the center tank help to make the wake more firm? Any help is much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for all of the replies. Sorry I haven't responded sooner. Bigcatpt, I think I have isolated everything. I've tried turning off everything while I'm getting low voltage and nothing seems to help. I agree that higher RPMs should result is better voltage. This is why I'm confused. Only happens when ballast is full. Without ballast I have no issues. Also, usually with low voltage things stop working (stereo, perfect pass, etc) but everything just keeps working fine all day long. Just have this annoying alarm going off all day. Wylie, I have not checked the RPM that you suggested. I'll do that when I'm on the water next time. I'm thinking that since I don't have a on shore charger that maybe the batteries being low are overworking the alternator. You mentioned the belt slipping. Have you heard of ballast weight causing the belt to slip? I ask because without ballast I have no issues.
  6. 2004 Avalanche C4 with 350 Mag Merc I am having issues with voltage. I'll start with what I'm running. 2 Jabsco Reversible Pumps (only use while engine is running) 2 Stock aerator pumps for center tank. 2 Amps - Kicker 300watt RMS for tower speakers & MB Quart for in boats and 8" sub. 2 Batteries with Blue Seas Add-a-Battery system (has switch w/On, Off, Both & isolator charging relay) Stock Alternator (at least I think it's stock, not sure what amps) This is the problem I'm having. Without ballast full I have no issues with voltage. But when all ballast is full (2,300lbs) and on plane, voltage begins to drop to around 10 volts and low voltage alarm beeps every few seconds. Nothing stops working. Perfect Pass stays on, stereo stays on, and all dash stays on. But voltage gauge reads 10 volts and the alarm keep beeping. When off plane, voltage returns to normal 12-13 volts. I plan to replace the power hungry reversible pumps with Tsunami pumps for speed and less power consumption. I did not have this problem until I upgraded the rear ballast from twin 450lb sacs to 800lb sacs. I'm wondering if the voltage regulator is malfunctioning under load or if I just need an onshore charging system?
  7. Considering doing this in my Avalanche. How hot does the material get in the sun?

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