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  1. The belt is squealing a bit too. Not sure what that means. Last time out, we hit a log in the the lake, then the belt stopped spinning, or it was spinning intermittantly - like it was fighting for traction on the wheel. Smoking a bit. So we shut the engine off, let cool down, started up a couple times and then the belt started spinning again - I think still squealing a bit but not bad, and not smoking. I haven't had it out for a surf session since, but just on a casual cruise around the lake the next day, the engine wasn't overheating. So what I think happened, from reading some posts here, is we sucked up something in the water intake. It got stuck in the impeller, causing the belt to start squealing/skipping/smoking, then it must have worked its way past the impeller and likely is now stuck in the trans cooler screen. Does this sound right?
  2. 2008 Avy C4, Black Scorpion (330, I think). I've found a couple other posts on this. Looks like it will be the hose leading into the cooler, on the right side of the cooler if you're looking at it from the swim platform?
  3. I have to check this trans cooler screen too. Does anyone have a picture they could post showing exactly which hose to pull? I have no idea what I'm looking for and don't want to pull the wrong hose. (Is is possible to pull the wrong hose and lose some coolant or oil??)
  4. So I've ended up ordering the 370# bag for under the starboard passenger seat. We're going to put a new reversible pump onto the 1100# (cutting new hole in boat), and take the old slow "sprinkler" fill line that was on the #1100 and move it to the 370#. That way, I hope the 1100# fills much faster, and the 370 should fill in close to the same, or less, time?? We'll see how it goes. I was going to have the new reversible pump go into the 370# and have the 370# overflow into the 1100# but it sounds more simple doing as above.
  5. cjohnson, where did you end up on check valves?... it looked like you were trying a couple different kinds.
  6. My current set up is I've got an 1100 on starboard and an Enzo sac on port. Not a fast pump system. I don't know much about pumps but it sounds like it's the sprinkler system, with diverters that makes the 1100 fill time pretty slow. We're mostly goofy surfers to I want to get the starboard dialed, while trying not to spend a whole bunch of money. So what I've considered is: -switch the bags, moving the enzo to starboard. Maybe this would give me closer to 1100 starboard? -leave the 1100 starboard, then put a smaller bag (250 or 370?) under starboard passenger seat. I would consider plumbing this in if I knew I could have that smaller bag overflow into the 1100 to help speed up total fill time. ANyone have any experience with this set-up... overflowing from smaller bag into bigger one?? -get custom starboard Avy sac, about $800, then either plumb it in or just get a tsunami to manually assist with the fill/drain. Any recommendations? Anything else I should consider?
  7. Yes I'm in Calgary. I just bought the boat end of season and it's still with the dealer - so I don't have exact measurements. He's going to measure when he brings it in to do some other work. The $800 custom is just a ballpark figure I got from wakemakers, if I was to have a custom measured Avy sac made.
  8. So it sounds like the best you can do on Avy C4 starboard side, under-seat (without bags all over the seats) is 1100 (only filling to about 1000) plus 250 under passenger seat, totalling about 1250. That seems a little light. It might be worth going with the custom starboard sac, getting up closer to 1400-1500. Any other ideas for starboard side?
  9. What kind of total weight do you figure you get with the 1100/580 versus an enzo sac on starboard side?
  10. Anyone have experience with using an enzo sac on the starboard side of an Avy C4? I assume the arm is too long, but would it not just fill the space as much as possible? Hoping to avoid spending $800 on a custom Avy Sac. Any ideas on how this would compare to an 1100 in rear locker plus 370 under starboard passenger seat?

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