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  1. Best Surf Boards

    I got a Jeyo Surf board this summer, its really a nice board. and very cost effective, the guy makes them in his garage I think. we really enjooyed it
  2. 2017 FS44

    Buddy bought one. Any advice on surf setup? I don’t have trim tabs so I’m not much help. Thanks in advance
  3. March Video - Picture Thread!

    still a foot of ice on the lakes near me. and its below freezing all week. gonna be a short season very jealous
  4. so in the last week or so (4 outings), my gas gauge has been really erratic, full to empty and anywhere in between....not even just at speed.... on the trailer, at idle, ignition on and while surfing. note: not bouncing around....it picks a spot and stays there for 5 minutes at a time, first time I saw it I figured I had ruptured the fuel line somehow as I had just filled the thing. then..... this past weekend I was in 999 feet of water and cruise was set at 1000. beat that with your wake boat!!! the gauges don't effect performance.....as the cruise read 1000, I was only going 11.3 . anyone have an idea?? sorry: 2015 SV233
  5. Fi rumors

    no more listing the boat?? he filled both Rams.....
  6. Surf Rack Options

    these are the rack pads I used when I had piper racks: https://www.seshday.com/Product.aspx?l=00010021287900000000&p=DAK02985&sc=00010021287904450000&s=00000 you can mount them under your tower also, I had them on the under side of my gladiator tower and hit my head fewer times than my current boat's downfires....
  7. I had to replace one also, had heavy duty impact wrenches and it was pretty straight forward, good jack stands will be beneficial. I would assume you could take the fender off, to avoid the rub and save the tire. it bottoms out I believe, so nothing to hurt other than a rougher ride for the boat.......right?
  8. loving my fs44

    this one is a beauty also, I rode behind this one in cold water last April. http://willeysmarine.com/Power-Boats-Inboard-Centurion-FS44-2016-McGregor-MN-0771bbf8-56cb-472f-8811-a65c00d87e2a
  9. March pictures and videos

    here is contact when I got them for my Gladiator Rack Corson Piper corsonpiper@gmail.com
  10. 2018 g25 sneek peek

    that's funny
  11. is it needed? my 12 didn't have it and was good, now with Ramfill we wont have much room for stuff..... anyone have advice? I think the maiden voyage is on Thursday so I can diagnose a little on my own.
  12. 2015 SV233 bow ballast

    update after some tinkering. ive been filling it full, when I don't have it full it only effects the push a little. I have put more time into adding counter weight via the STB PNP, considering adding some off side Ram also. don't like that the A Plate sprays so much, but I can live with it, it just looks messy does not seem to effect the wave. I love this wave!!! and am loving the RAM and CATS, makes the wife more comfy driving and its nice to give a little tweak at speed when the fatsos aren't evenly sided in the boat. thanks for the responses
  13. How deep to launch?

    that's deep enough to float, only issues I get is getting it off/on the trailer in 4 ft..... it will be close
  14. Trailer Axle Broke!

    I bled them wrong and took it to a trailer shop, $25 worth of security.
  15. Trailer Axle Broke!

    my old Moomba had a torsion axle fail. I was the third owner and the trailer was 8 years old, they warrantied but I had to pay shipping and paint. did the work in my garage with pneumatic tools not impossible. get a good jack and some solid jackstands. im trying to find my correspondence with the trailer guy, easy to work with outside of laying flat on your back with your smart phone trying to get the serial off the axle
  16. pictures

  17. July picture thread

    this was our sunday, one of the best days so far up here in the north appears I can't upload the one i want to show.
  18. same for me last Thursday, although mine only broke the plastic ring that holds the two pieces together. (garage door was a different story) ho do I find THAT piece, light still works it just hangs there.
  19. I was behind a X20 this weekend, I don't know/care how their numbering works but, FWIW: wave was huge!!! boat rides nose up to the point where the driver cant see and its almost impossible to sit in the bow if youre afraid of heights. the pocket was about 5 feet long. barely longer than the board and washed out iommediately behind the rider, there was no coming back from 10 feet back. switched to "mellow" mode in order to get a more skim style wake....helped just a bit maybe added a foot. the boat moved a lot of water but it cant get it to where it needs to be IMO. I love my SV233!!!
  20. My buddy got the Ok to buy a wake boat. This one is at one of our dealers in town. He will be new to surfing, kids may begin to wakeboard also. Wants to surf.... Is this a good deal for him?? Thanks. I told him j had to check with knowledgeable people rather than just say "do it!!" Because it's a Centurion. http://www.umotorsinc.com/m/showcase_unit.htm?id=729293&status=2
  21. A Good Woman

  22. Phase 5 Wire.

    I have the bigger one, have ridden a few sessions now, I love it. the fins are deep, so I haven't figured out if there are tricks to do with it, but for sure plan to get it in the air this year. its fast
  23. unless that's a state law or something. i'm just talking about rating, its rated for 9700 or some crazy number like that. this is the '11 sheet Maximum V8 Towing Capacity* 10,400 lbs. 10,100 lbs. 9,900 lbs. 10,100 lbs. 9,800 lbs. 9,000 lbs. Gross Combined Weight Rating (4x2 & 4x4 with Tow Package) 16,000 lbs. 16,000 lbs. 16,000 lbs. 16,000 lbs. 16,000 lbs. 16,000 lbs sorry, I copy pasted a big page that I wasn't about to leave. these are the different models, IE 4x2 reg cab, 4x4 reg, 4x4 crewmax etc....
  24. get a Toyota, my Crew max is rated at 10K. its a 2010, built like a tank underneath. ceramic brakes buying a new truck is fun....
  25. 13 sv244 vs 11 lsv 247

    sharp looking boat J-ro

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