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  1. Need helping dialing in my surf wave on my 04 Enzo 230. Doesn’t have much push at all. I need to verify speed with GPS next time I am out to ensure my gauges are accurate. Running 1450lb Enzo bag port side and 650lb bag starboard side running partially in rear locker and under observer seat behind driver. Also running a delta wakeshaper.
  2. I have a hurricane and added a 4" by 8" fin it workd great really cleaned up the wake. I run a 750lb in port locker, about 350 under port bench seat and 400 on bow port seat. I do not run any ballast in the center tank. Also my trip tab is set right around 22%
  3. 2002 hurricane surf video

    Never skateboarded but thank for the tips I will have to try that.
  4. Im starting to get the wave dialed in on my elite V. Im running 750 port locker, about 300 under port seat, 3 people sitting on port side seat, 400 port bow wake plate set at 20% and speed at 10mph. it seemed like when i ran the center ballast it created less push and had affected the list. Dont mind my girly hands flopping around, I had no clue I was doing that with my hands lol (very embarrasing).any pointers will be aprreciated. Need some pointers on how to pump the board. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gf_vTKlIelA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3or6GW3Nk08
  5. I have a shred stixx and IS and trying to determine where to store them since they won't fit in any compartment. What tower mount do you recommend?
  6. I have 400 in the bow on the port side. I'm tempted to try the trim tab fin mod.
  7. I had 3 people two on port rear one on front port and driver. My surf pont varies from 20-90ft
  8. I need some help with my surf setup. My current setup is center 250 full 750 in rear port locker 400 on rear port seat and 400 on front port seat. trim tab set at 20% and speed set at 9.4 (will verify with gps on phone).. My problem is i get a very washy wake and a big rooster tail right behind the boat. Also the wakes pocket is very small and i have a hard time staying in it with my IS and shred stixx. I need a few pointers to correct my issues.
  9. The v drive does have a water chamber on top that has an oil cooling line running through it.So bassically it acts as heat exhanger. Im worried this chamber was filled with water and froze.
  10. It does help me breathe easier. In ND we see temps in the -50's. It was in a non insulated building, but at least it was out of the wind.
  11. That makes me feel a little better. But I live in the frigid tundra of ND.
  12. I winterized my mercruiser 350 mag mpi as mentioned in the owners manual, I pulled the blue plugs and filled with rv antifeeze. No where did it state to drain trasmission or v drive? Am i screwed? Im headed to the lake this weekend but scared that something in the v drive or transmission could have freeze damage. Im hoping these units are somewhat self draining.
  13. I am tempted to give this a try http://www.boatoutfitters.com/vertical-4-cup-holder-with-seasucker-vacuum-mount?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=cse&utm_term=695&gclid=CMrP4Oy71r0CFZRr7AodJm0A0Q
  14. thanks! that guy is definately laking room with cup holders on both sides. All he needs is some beer in those cup holders!

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