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  1. Prop 644 13.25x16VR


    • FOR SALE
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    Selling Used Acme prop 644 13.25x16VR excellent condition $350


  2. Does anyone know the part numbers for fuel filter and water impeller for 2013 Enzo 2013? Thanks
  3. I have a 2013 SV244 Goofy boat. For me to make a good wave on the other side, I run blast only on that side, no bow blast and have crew sit on that side as far back as possible. Trim tap full up. Wave is very good.
  4. How does the Surf Gate effect the wave on a well listed boat?
  5. Try calling Nate at Transition Watersports. (352)288-9905 He took care of me.
  6. Inland Surfer sweet spot

    Great board, we have one and it's a fun all around board to ride. I'm 6'2 and 195 and have 3 boys from 5,9 to 6,4. We really like it and the Inland Surfer boards are great boads and well made. We have a like new (no dings, scratches or blemish)Sweet Spot Pro for sale if your interested.
  7. My RI237 has arrived!

    Awesome, looks great
  8. It's not going to work well. Needs to be pinched down at the point where the pipe first enters the water, this is where the spray is coming from.
  9. With the 4" outer diameter, what is the inside diameter?
  10. I think it could fit into the FAE exhaust. There's room for a 8.5" in mine. Won't even have to go inside the boat. Great idea, noise is very fatiguing.
  11. Dreamer, Come down below the welds about 2 inches. look at my pic's. I would lay it flat on a large thick board like a 2x8 and then lay another 2x8 on top and hammer it down or use the a vise. Do a little at a time. When I was done with mine, 2inch as the widest point at the bottom opening. I tried to get it thinner at the top and then keep a constant shape and thickness through out the down pipe. I am working on tack welding a small angle to the top part of the down pipe where it is still pretty wide. Mine spray is 90% gone and sprays less then other dual exhaust FAE systems now.
  12. Pic of the modifications to the single FAE to reduce the spray issue.
  13. Spray issue Fixed!!! The issue was the shape of the down pipe. Larry gave me the go head to make any and all changes and experiment with the system to resolve the spray issue. I hammered and Dollie the down pipe to a more streamline shape. spray issue resolved. Standby for pictures.
  14. I installed the FAE on my SV244. Larry angled back the down pipe more then normal on my system. It still has a very bad spray issue. I have tried raising and lowering it with no luck. I think the main issues is that the down pipe on the single exhaust is way to wide. I will work with Larry to try different mods to it. Ill keep you updated

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