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  1. Ballast pump over-ride?

    Thanks for the advice; it's quite a step up from the Sea Ray 210 and I really had no idea about the pumps being on timers. Here's a quick photo from a few weeks back:
  2. Newb here. My father-in-law just bought a 2012 Enzo SV230+ and we decided to upgrade the mid-port Fat Sac to the 1400#. Once we got it all switched out we tried filling the bigger sac but the pump keeps shutting itself off after running for the first couple of minutes. The on-screen display shows the sac as 'full' which is why I'm guessing it shuts it down. Are we missing something here?? How do you keep the pump running?!? Is there some sort of ballast pump over-ride or something? Thanks for any help, I'll try to post some stoke soon-

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