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  1. Thats not the one I remember, but it will work. The sanger threw me off. But same engine layout I guess. Thanks for the help.
  2. Ok I have been looking for over 2 hours and can't find the video that was posted showing how to change the impeller on an 07 black scorpion. I thought I had it saved but no luck. Even went to youtube and could not find it there. Anyone have the link to the video or pics showing the change out process. Thanks for the help.
  3. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  4. Does anybody have a clean copy of the centurion head and font for the lettering. Would like to make some stickers for the avy.
  5. yes, the new Gates and old Mercruiser are the same length and width. I'm thinking pulley is still the issue. Anybody know if the Gates 38009 pulley fits the 07 avy?
  6. It is a serpentine belt but no auto tensioner. @Truekaotic- I have about 1/2 inch of play in the belt. Not sure if it is from switching from a Mercruiser belt to Gates and something is just a bit off.
  7. I got it replaced last year and after about 2 hours of use is when it started making noise. The first belt that was ordered was too big (same part number off the old belt) so the mechanic found a Gates belt that was the same size. The idler pulley is about hallf way in the adjustment groove. I wrenched on it fairly tight. Can a belt be to tight? If anybody has a different part number for a belt please let me know.
  8. I have seen the post about the Gates parts numbers but I'm not sure if they match up for the different years. I took a couple photos of my top idler and the marking are so poor its hard to read the part numbers on the Dayco pulleys.
  9. Can anybody share what the sizes or part # are for replacement idler/tension pulleys for an 07 avy with 5.7 mercury black scorpion? The chirp and squeal is annoying already.
  10. Wake doc Do you have pics of what they look like.
  11. Sorry to sound confusing I know I am talking speakers and a wakeboard rack at the same time. Just lazy typing.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. I was told by some marine shops that the tube diameter was a little larger that standard and was going to have a hard time finding mounts for a new swivel rack. I have Wetsounds Pro 60's on the tower with the generic clamps but the finish on them is completely destroyed. Any body have any good recomendation for a swivel wakeboard rack also. I hate these racks as when I hit chop the boards slide out and have hit a passenger in the past. I have put new marine bungee straps but that did not help. So any help you guys can throw my way would be appreciated. Thanks for identifying the tower model.
  13. Clarion M309 display blank

    Just to throw my two cents in for contact cleaner. Deoxit contact clearner is fantastic. A bit expensive but can help clean up corosion on terminals. Had this happen to my deck where it lost all graphics on the face plate but still played music. Sprayed a bit of Deoxit on the contacts, never had the same problem again.
  14. Can any of you all help me out. I have a 2007 Avalanch C4 with an unknown tower. I have searched all over the tower no numbers or manufacture name. Would be helpful to know when ordering mounts for wetsounds. Thanks.

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