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  1. We took our boat out for the first time and our starboard tank will not fill. We have an'08 Avy C4 and we had it winterized professionally. Port side fills and drains fine. Starboard and center won't fill at all. The starboard pump sounds like it is running, but no water in or out and nothing from the center pump.. We tried to throw it in reverse and force water in, but no luck. All of the fuses look good. Any ideas on what to check next? This is only our 2nd year with the boat and we are still learning the ins and outs of it. Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone! We go camping every year with our boat and usually leave it uncovered. We got rained on almost every day last summer and most days were overcast so the carpet didn't get a chance to dry out. We have a trailer cover, but are looking for something for the boat during the night/rain. Does anyone have any recommendations or know where we could get a snap on cover? We have a 2008 Avy C4.

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