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  1. Does anyone know the hull angle for a 2010 avy. We're getting our a-plate made tomorrow, but unfortunately I forgot my protractor when we went to take measurements. Somewhere around 15 - 20 degrees I figure. Thanks in advance!
  2. I'm having trouble shaping and cleaning up the port side wake. I have a 2010 Avy with right hand prop rotation. When we surf we fill the midship port and center tanks along with a 750lbs sac in the rear locker. When we have this setup on the starboard side we have a beautiful clean wake with a nice curl at the back. On the port side the wave isn't even comparable. There is lots of wash along the entire lip, especially near the swim grid. We've tried adding a ton of people to the port side but it doesn't seem to do anything but make the wave a touch steeper. I'd really like to get the side dialled in the next few days as this is my last week of vacation! Whatever plate on the back of the boat is not adjustable. Thanks in advance!
  3. Inland Surfer Contagious

    How would you say the phase 5 compares to the the inland? I am familiar with the Phase 5 Diamond as that was the board that I was riding most last year. I would probably be getting a phase if I wasnt going to be sharing with smaller riders.
  4. Wondering if anyone has experience riding inland surfer's Contagious board. It appealed to me because smaller beginners can learn with the tri fin set up but it also can be used as a skim style board with a single fin. I would like to ride it as a skim style board. I am 150 lbs around 5'9". Thoughts?
  5. Shred Stixx

    Dreamer, Just wondering what year and size the thresher you have for sale is. Also, how much were you looking to get out of it? I head over to the island on a regular basis so meeting up wouldn't be an issue. Let me know
  6. Shred Stixx

    wakemitch thanks for the advice! Is the board you are riding in the photos a 4'11" or a 4'8"?
  7. Shred Stixx

    I'm looking to pick up a new wakesurf - surf style for the summer. I'm 5'8/9 and weigh 150 pounds. I've been looking at shred stixx models and have found a Thresher near where I live. The board is a 4'11" and is 3 years old (year with the checkered bottom). He is asking $390. I have a couple questions before I go to look at it. If anyone rides this board or any shred stixx model, do you think the weighting and size would be appropriate? I myself think I'd be better off on a 4'8" but it is hard to be choosy when looking at used boards. I won't be able to give it a ride as it is the off season so I am skeptical. Also, I thought the price was a little high. Not sure what these boards go for used. Any info would be helpful! Cheers Jesse
  8. Bow Ballast

    He was pretty gutted, but didn't seem overly devastated about it.
  9. Bow Ballast

    I guess he put it away in the fall and that's when he took his pictures. Untarped it 10 minutes before we got there and found that mess.
  10. Bow Ballast

    @Rhuntlll The owner must have tarped his boat while there was a considerable amount of moisture/water in it. The vinyl had gross spotting all over it, the carpet was damp and even wet in some spots. Also, there was mold everywhere. It was in all of the carpeted storage areas and even in the engine compartment. The speakers were covered in condensation and doubt they would work. Wouldn't be surprised if it need all new upholstery and new stereo. Sad to see one of these boats in that kind of condition.
  11. Bow Ballast

    Thanks carzin and dreamer for the advice! Drove 16 hours today to look at a boat to find out it has crazy condensation problems. No heated storage Not a happy camper.
  12. So I have been looking around and it seems like if surfing is the primary goal, it is best to replace whatever factory ballast there is with large sacs. In my case I think I'll throw in an enzo sac in the port side and keep the factory ballast on the starboard or throw in a small 400lbs sac. The boat I'm looking at has just the two factory midship tanks (no 400lbs bow tank). I'm pretty sure that setup will deliver a good wake, but I've been looking around for some time and many people stress the addition of bow ballast to lengthen the pocket. The main questions I have are: 1) Is bow ballast useful in creating a nice surf wake behind an enzo sv230? 2) If so, how easy (and expensive) would it be to plumb a sac where the factory one would have been? 3) I'm not very useful at mechanics; could I get a dealer to plumb them in and install larger pumps at a reasonable price?
  13. I'm looking into picking myself up a 2007/08 enzo sv230 for the summer. I have fallen in love with wakesurfing over the past couple years and have narrowed down my boat selection. I've been looking into a 2007 that is completely stock I'm pretty sure. To get this boat kicking up a beautiful wave I'm just wondering what modifications I should make. Is it possible to add the two rear factory tanks and bow ballast? Would it be better to just add Enzo sacs in the rear lockers? Also if anyone has any pricing advice and what would be a good deal for this boat please let me know! Cheers!

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