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  1. I was there 2 weeks and wish I was still there .
  2. I find boat house to be great thats funny to hear they gave you bad service . I just bought my 233 from them because what they did for me when I had a tige storage winterizing .
  3. I finally have pics of my new 233 but can't upload ! please help I have a mac book air the pics are 3mb I try and crop but they don't crop small enough .
  4. Enzo sac

    I don't know for sure but I think the storage in the back corner is closed off.
  5. I have a Enzo sack from my last boat but it won't work in my new 233. How much should I sell it for ?
  6. 7 more days

    Yes forecast doesn't look so hot , don't think it's going to stop me.
  7. 7 more days

    I live 4.5 hrs away. Waiting for spring to come and this is my first weekend I can get there . Two more sleeps.
  8. 7 more days

    Yes it is a 233.

    I havent seen it unwrapped next week cant come fast enough .
  10. Unwrapped and ready for pick up 7 days !!!!!!
  11. Pull the pin I forgot mine one time and I own the boat and could not get it in the water . Just dont forget the pin its harder than you think to replace it .
  12. I may have screwed up....

    Good to have that sick feeling to go away I bet , nice to hear the dealer and centurion stepped up.
  13. 5 year old surfing

    No it was a girl and she was solo and wireless.
  14. I may have screwed up....

    My dealer emailed me the spec sheet before I ordered and I read it 100 times . I also asked him to send me the color scheme 2 times to be sure it was right I feel for you right now . I ordered a truck and when I went to pick it up the rims and tires were brutal so I told them I didn't want it . The dealer ship was three hrs from where I lived they called me two days later and had put new rims and tires free of charge and the truck was 1/2 the price of what your boat is .
  15. I may have screwed up....

    They should have sold you the surf package it works out to be the same price as getting all ballast options individually and you get those extra options.

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