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  1. i have that pooh till 2 seasons and i have no solution here in germany .......any news about that ???
  2. i have exactly the same problem since starting the seasion it always pop up every 5 or 20 min. i have no idea everything is running fine and maybe it are some sensors ....i have the problem that here is no dealer arround 1500 km......thats horrible.......it is possible to do the checking diagnotic on the pro vision by myself ????or you have ideas or solutions ??? i have an enzo 240 sv from 2010 with the digital display pro vision and 450 hours ....
  3. i have the same problem and no solution it always or sometimes pop up and i can not clear it for ever ....my engine and everything is running fine and i have a enzo SV 230 and pro vision ....from 2010.... an y solution ???
  4. he guys have anybody a solution......... i have also the problem that my service required in different times pops up ....i have no idea what i have to do...... the engine is running well and all temp and preasure gauges are fine.....anybody have the software for the display???? it is since 2 month and the next dealer are 2 days away......here is no dealer in germany :cry: i got a 2010 enzo 240 with this big display......
  5. yes i`m sure its the deep alarm because it shows : " WARNING SHALLOW WATER " on the display in red so it can`t be other alarms like upper and low or temp or anything else......if i go to 1 foot it makes no diffrence only it beeps little bit more because its more often.........my depth finder signal spring sometimes in the middle of the lake to zero for a secound and then back and the alarm comes up.......i tought sometimes it is air under the boat or its from the ballast to one side .......how you turn it off???? in fact the alarm is not so bad if its really shallow because we have some places .....but only some places not 1 millon
  6. Yes it is the model 2011 like on the pic........it is one of the last in 2010. I have really no idea I go to the Centurion Medallion Pro Vision under adjust shallow alarm and set it to zero. But it still BEEEEEEEEEEEEP i dont know.....any Ideas???? THX
  7. hi my depth finder make me crazy when ìm surfing or go wakeboarding the depth finder beeps every 20 meters. i go over the setting in my big multifunctiondisplay and set it on 0 but it beeps anyway and switch sometimes to 0 meters and 1 sec later its deep enough....... anybody any ideas.....should i by a new sensor or maybe ist is the wire.....and can i turn it off completly???? thank you folks it drives me crazy... ......
  8. i got it today the same service warning and nothing was broken everything was fine . My Boat centurion enzo 240 2010 got the Warning by 99,5 h . then 10 min later and nothing happens. any idea or solution....maybe it is the service by 100h ????

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