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    dirt bikes, Hockey, Rugby

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  1. Nope not low enough - thought of that one thanks
  2. Hi team. I have a 2008 ENZO SV220 - 174hrs - with the Evo tower. My issue is that when the tower is folded down, it is still too tall to Fit into my garage at our new house—it has a steep angle and door 8 ft height issue. Does any know or have instructions on how to completely disconnect the tower? or make it low ? I am also worried about the wires and connections inside of the tower. Love to see any pictures or suggestions to solve this issue, Cheers MIke
  3. Hi all I just purchased a 2008 Enzo SV220 , but the boat came with no manuels etc. I am trying to identify the Perfect pass model ? so i can down load the manual. Does anyone know how i would identify the model ? (unfortunatley i am 300 miles from the boat) I have never used PP so any suggestions or tips would be great, we just surf and cruise. Added some samson tower speakers the kids love them. Cheers

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