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  1. Got a few over temp alarms at the end of last season. Changed the impeller before putting in this spring. No alarms so far but can feel a quite temp difference between the 2 exhaust manifolds. Have always run a strainer on the water intake. Any suggestions on cause or troubleshooting? Thanks!
  2. I may be late to the party but had to replace mine last month and should share my learnings... Bought only the pulley/impeller housing half of the pump and new impeller from MarineEngineParts.com for $165.69. It is a Sierra part. AutoZone has a tool loan program and I picked-up their GM power steering puller to remove the pressed on water pump pulley. Long story short rather than paying attention and repositioning the puller, I threaded the puller into the shaft hole of the pulley ruining it. New pulley was another $64.94. Lucky I didn't have to buy the AutoZone tool... When my pump went out it was leaking water around the shaft. Water would drip on the belt causing squeal. I only replaced the impeller half of the pump because I am too cheap. And I didn't dissassemble the old pump until the new housing half arrived. When I did I realized that the rear housing housing half had damage from the shaft floating around due to the bearing/seal failure. Not a problem now but if I had seen this I would have purchased a complete pump. Also has me wondering if the cause of the whole problem is possibly my over tightening the belt following my annual impeller change.
  3. I just purchased boat with almost zero hours so been sitting for 6 years. When I turn the steering wheel it “catches” in different spots when rotating lock to lock. It can be forced past these with serious driver input. Can also gently work the wheel back and forth slightly against the “catch” and it eventually will go past it. Adjusting the tilt steering angles has no effect. I’m ready to figure out what I need for a cable and replace it but I suspect the problem is in the column. Any suggestions?
  4. Paul I am also searching for a cover. Have no snaps now and will not add. Please post what cover you select and how you like it. Thanks EK

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