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  1. Thanks. I will try that tonight.
  2. My 2015 fx44 has been flawless since I purchased it last year. I finally got to take it out last weekend for a “grown-ups” boat ride and the stereo would not do anything from the helm or the unit in the glovebox. We could control volume only from the rear unit. Any ideas where to start looking for solutions?
  3. You are right Super....I looked around for leaks but could not find anything. The bilge had water only and there was no sign of oil anywhere on the v-drive or around the engine for that matter. All is completely dry and still looks brand new. Do the drives "use up" oil or should I be looking for another problem?
  4. Thanks..you were right on the money. I added oil and took care of the noise. It wasn't completely empty, but was low enough.
  5. 2006 Elite V...I am still new to inboards, let alone V-drives so I am still learning all of the noises that I am not used to. Yesterday after pulling my son wakeboarding, I was trolling around 4-5 mph while pumping out sacs and tanks and started to hear what sounded like,, what I am assuming was the v-drive gearbox turning but with low or no fluid. The noise was not loud at first, but I never went went any faster getting back to the pier. After a couple of hours on the lift, I put the boat back in the water and tried to make the sound again and could only faintly hear it. Found a dipstick down low on the left side of the gearbox, it was wet, but I don't know what color fluid I should be looking for. The boat has about 140 hrs on it and the previous owner was very meticulous about keeping up with the maintenance but I am looking for some direction as to what to look, listen for. Thanks in advance.
  6. Les is a good man. I first got to know him when they moved the plant to Woodland. My company did the retrofit of the wiring and hvac systems to the plant when they first moved in. Sorry to see that it moved back out west. Hopefully they will be back.
  7. I am having problems with the perfect pass screen fading out to a blank screen. It still works fine controlling the speed, but can't see what i am working with. Has any one else had this issue? Know a fix?
  8. I just purchased a 06 Elite v with less than 100 hrs on it. After I got it home and was going over it with a fine toothed comb, I noticed a couple of fine cracks in the fiberglass, like around the windshield and couple of other spots. They dont appear to be stress cracks, but maybe where screws were installed at the factory. Does anyone else have this issue and is it something that I should be worried about? Thanks

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