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  1. 08 sv230 wakeboard wake

    We have been running an "08 240 Enzo since new with our ministry. It has served well. Very smooth ride, nice surf wake, but wakeboard wake is a pain. I've tried everything to improve it, especially below 20 mph. The only thing that really seemed to help was a winged wakeplate. The thing that makes ride smooth (deep v) also makes wakes very sensitive and washy. But still a nice boat, especially for a starter wake boat. New Centurions, different story.
  2. I would like to know how the A plate affects the wake for wakeboarding. I put a wing plate on my 240 which did a great job cleaning up the wash on the wake when wakeboarding, but did not help with the darkside surfing. What have you noticed?
  3. I have '08 240 that does the same. Have not looked into a fix, but if you look there is just a pressed on knob on end of steering wheel shaft under dash leaving some play there. If i just place my hand under dash on the knob it stops the vibration on take off. May want to look at some sort of rubber washer to place on shaft to take up slop.

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